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Digital Projects

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Mentors are past candidates

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Our work based learning environment (eWorkexperience) allows you to collaborate remotely from the convenience of your home learning how to use the following business analysis and project management tools:


Master the art of requirement engineering through collaboration
We use Confluence to help our candidates collaborate, share, brainstorm and learn while gaining practical work experience working on live projects. Confluence is a great tool for bringing teams together to work on a single project or document. It's used by 13,000+ large corporations worldwide for managing complex projects. We will show you how to use confluence to create and organise the entire requirement engineering process and you will also learn how to integrate it with Jira as you manage your sprints / workflows in an agile scrum or kanban development environment.


Agile Project Management At It's Best
JIRA Agile unlocks the power of agile, whether you're a seasoned agile expert or just getting started. We will teach you how to use JIRA as a tracker for team planning and building great products. Thousands of teams choose JIRA to capture and organize issues, assign work and follow team activity. At their desks, or on the go with the new mobile interface, JIRA helps teams get the job done.

Visualize Customer Experiences

All your customer journey maps, stakeholder maps and personas in one digital place.
Automatically visualized. Instantly presentable. Edit across teams.

MS Sharepoint

Document sharing and collaboration

  • MS Sharepoint is used by most large organisations to share work and work with others, organize projects and teams and discover people and information. You will learn how to use MS Sharepoint to share ideas, discover answers and keep track of what your colleagues are working on. You will also learn how to organize all your projects and tasks to get visibility into upcoming deliverables across SharePoint and Microsoft Project.

MS Projects

Master the art of program and project planning
We will not only teach you how to use Microsoft Project to easily plan projects and collaborate with others using cloud services but we'll allow you to practise and learn on the job while creating project plans for the live projects we work on here at Digital Bananas Technology. You will learn how to stay organized and keep your projects on track with the project management system designed to work seamlessly with other Microsoft applications and cloud services. In no time, you will be setting baselines in your project plans, adding dependencies, breaking plans into stages, setting milestones, allocating resources to tasks, budget planning and managing your estimates vs your actuals.

MS Excel

Polish up your analytical & reporting skills
Let's not forget your MS Excel skills. We are aware of the challenges a lot of people have with excel and as a result, we hold weekly mentoring sessions, taking a novice excel user to an advanced user in no time. You will learn how to use pivot tables to perform complex analyses quickly, summarise your data with previews of various pivot-table options, so you can compare them and select the option that tells your story best. You will also discover ways to compare and represent your data visually by applying formatting, sparklines, charts, and tables.


Online Collaborative Project Management
Basecamp is an online collaborative project management software that is used by over 200,000 companies worldwide with a visual timeline of project activities. There are over 1,300 of us on basecamp to collaborate and share documents as a team. In no time, you will find yourself becoming a cloud computing expert with a strong competitive advantage over other job applicants regardless of their years of experience.


Become an data modelling expert

  • The perfect data modelling software for business analysts. Gliffy is similar to MS Visio and Smart Draw but only better in our own opinion. It's fully integrated into jira and confluence and it's one of the main reasons it's a preferred choice for most companies working in an Agile development environment. With Gliffy, you can create flow diagrams, break down structures, link them to your user stories and much more.
  • You can easily create professional-quality flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings, and more.


Create professional mockups and wireframes
Mockups & Wireframes Using Basalmiq - Learn how to create web and mobile application wireframes. Design, collaborate user interface concepts for software development. Working within an Agile-Scrum development environment requires constant collaboration across cross-functional teams and working closely with key stakeholders and potential end users throughout the lifecycle of the project. In order to do this effectively, creating editable prototypes using wireframes is key to success. We will teach you how to create wireframes and keyscreens using Basalmiq.


The Ambitious

If you feel you need to move up to a more managerial or an analytical role.

The Graduate

The more work experience you have as a graduate, the stronger your chances of securing a well paid role relevant to your educational and career status.

The Career Changer

Fed up with your current role and need a career change. Something more challenging, exciting and pays really well.

State of Mind Required

All we require is for you to have a strong desire to succeed, not afraid to get your hands dirty, willing to learn and apply yourself.



We learn through practical work experience, learning from our mistakes, and gaining new skills – not by sitting in lecture rooms waiting to be told what to do. With Career Insights you’ll be working with others on live digital projects to give you experiences you’ll be able to draw on throughout your career.

Hands on training

Over the last 10 years, we have helped thousands of people attain rewarding careers in project management and business analysis. Our model is quite simple. We believe in training you on the job. When it’s hands on and practical, you come out of it all as an experienced project management or business analysis professional ready to earn higher end of the rates being paid.

Practical work experience

As a Tech incubator, you will always have tonnes of project to get involved in gaining invaluable skills and expertise as a project management or business analysis professional. We operate within the digital and banking space, using industry standard tools and software to manage, analyse, monitor and control our project deliverables.

Collaborative learning

With an ecosystem of over 3,000 strong project management and business analysis professionals, working closely together to gain practical work experience as project managers, business analysts, PMO analysts, project planners, program managers, project support officers or QA managers you really can’t go wrong because iron sharpens iron.

Live projects

Our parent company, Digital Bananas Technology limited offers digital solutions within the banking sector. With a strong portfolio of digitally driven programmes and projects, you will have the opportunity to gain practical work experience as a project management or business analysis professional with digital expertise.

Industry standard tools

Being trained as a project manager, business analyst, PMO analyst or project planner is one thing, however being trained to use collaborative agile tools such as Jira for Agile project management, requirement engineering tools such as Confluence, Gliffy, MS Visio, Balsalmiq and project planning tools such as Projectmanager or MS Projects, gives you a competitive edge over your peers.

One2one Mentoring

Birds of the same feather tend to think alike and the more you hang around people you aspire to emulate, the more you start to manifest part of what makes them successful. Here at Career Insights, we pride ourselves in getting successful candidates who are now working in the industry to mentor up and coming ones. Paying it forward.

3000+ Ecosystem

Where work experience becomes team work experience, you tend to collaborate, brainstorm & share and learn faster. What this means to you is that immediately after your intensive hands-on training session with Career Insights, you will automatically be a part of a 3000+ strong ecosystem of professionals who are more than eager to guide you and put your through.

Earn As You Learn

Our business has grown through word of mouth. When one of our candidates secures a project management or business analysis role as a result of our eWorkexperience, they tend to tell their friends and family members, which in turn generates us more business. We are more than happy to pay you £50 for each person you refer to us.

Partner With Us

Being part of a 3,000+ ecosystem comes with some great benefits especially when you have successfully secured your first role. 3 months later, you can join our mentoring and training team helping others coming after you and we pay quite well for this.


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Great stuff! I love your sessions.

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business strategy

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That was great!

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LOLU OGUN, 18 days ago

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