2016 DBT Awardee Secures BA Role with One of World’s Largest Motor Companies

eWorkexperience Success Story

“Hi Keji, my ship has finally come in; I finally have a success story of my own. I started on the Career Insights platform at the end of September 2015. Following a lackluster career in marketing and a failed business venture. I had tried unsuccessfully to get back into marketing for two year’s when I realised I needed to bite the bullet, change tact and retrain for the digital age. After seeing an overwhelming number of people endorsing Career Insights and reading the success stories on Facebook I decided to take the plunge.

Taking all my savings I decided to commit everything to getting a new career in IT. With enthusiasm I watched every ‘must watch video’ for both BA and PM roles and took all the knowledge and interview tests on the eWorkexperience platform. Convincing myself that I would have a success story within a few months, I quickly got my hands dirty by working on a range of projects from iPlanner, Fastball and CI Hackers, working in BA and QA roles alike.

To boost my knowledge and credibility I took qualifications in Prince2 and Business Analysis. Eventually, I felt confident enough to take a lead role, so I applied and was appointed as a BA Lead on the Wamco project. I used the wealth of experience I had gained from the CI Hackers team and began working with the talented Wamco project team.

By this stage I had learnt so much on the platform and with the help of my mentor I knew I was ready to apply for work. Initially I secured a couple of interviews, which proved to be unsuccessful, but gave me much needed experience and self-confidence. A short while after I secured a first stage telephone interview with one of the worlds largest motor companies as a Business Analyst. The second stage followed a week later and consisted of a rigorous half-day assessment with more interviews, presentations and business tasks, all watched by a company psychologist. One week later I received a call from HR that I had been successful, the gamble had paid off and I am so happy! Then to top it off, on the same week I won an award at the DBT Awards!

During the last year I have experienced many highs and lows losing my Grandad, Grandma, Great Uncle and Auntie in just 12 months. I also took the lead responsibility for raising my two young sons, while watching my savings dwindle, but praise god it has all been worth it.

Finally, I’d like to say a special thank you to Gifty who helped me prepare for interviews prior to having her baby Josiah, Olamide, Innocent, Mandona, Iyabo and Nasir for their continued support, encouragement and friendship.

So remember for your success story:
1) Get your hands dirty – don’t just listen in on projects, get involved this leads to true mastery.
2) Iron sharpens iron – work with the best, learn from the best, be the best.
3) Patience – Rome wasn’t built in a day, practice makes perfect and great work takes time to accomplish.

I will need a reference from you shortly Keji, but for now, please keep my name anonymous.

See you at the top guys!

Thanks again Keji.”


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