2016 DBT Awards- Highlights

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We started this year with a mission- to improve on our achievements in 2015 by helping over 400 candidates move up the career ladder, secure high paying project management and business analysis roles and then celebrate their success in style, and that was exactly what we did at the 2016 DBT Awards.

It has become a culture at Digital Bananas Technology in the last three years to annually recognize and celebrate outstanding candidates who have spent the year working hard, by rewarding their excellence and contributions to the continuous growth of Career Insights’ eWorkexperience platform.

There were no holds barred in making the night as epic as it gets and, yes, this year’s edition turned out the best DBT Awards show yet! Also from the fact that 95% of candidates who were either nominated or won awards secured jobs before or after the DBT Awards.

The 2016 DBT Awards Video Highlights

Held at More London Suites on November 5, the black tie event rolled out in style, full of excitement, class and sophistication; with guests treated to various food delicacies, drinks and entertaining performances. Away from the usual seriousness and hard work of the eWorkexperience platform, candidates showed up looking all suave and ready to unwind, and unwind they did. It really was a very exciting and inspiring night for all.

The highlight, of course was the presentation of 28 awards to well deserving candidates, all of whom expressed their utmost gratitude for the recognition, encouraging fellow candidates who have not secured jobs being on the platform not to lose hope but continue to work hard, stay focused and dedicated on the platform. Awards were in five main categories-  Project Management Team, Business Analysis Team, BA Team, Programme Office team and Honorary Awards category.

At DBT and Career Insights, we are all about changing the lives of Nigerians, both home and abroad by providing them with hands on training and practical work experience, which empowers them to secure life changing jobs that will improve their lives financially and give them fulfillment career wise. Achieving this certainly isn’t an easy task, but with the right kind of people in the mix, who are hungry about success just as much as we are, greatness will be achieved; and it is this greatness that the DBT awards celebrates.

The award was launched in 2014 to reward hard work, innovation and excellence, and Digital Bananas Technology has since gained recognition among employers and recruiters as the go-to place for hiring the best digital project management and business analysis professionals.

With over 400+ success stories in 2016, which is 100 more from 2015 and 200 more from 2014, we look forward to 500 plus success stories in 2017!

Career Insights currently boasts of over 3000 professionals within our ecosystem and support groups, who mentor and train new candidates till they achieve success. Some of our mentors, past candidates and even current candidates have secured life changing jobs with top corporations like Shell, Siemens, HSBC, Barclays, KPMG, Accenture, Oracle, Microsoft, Lloyds Bank and so much more

The DBT Awards’ debut back in 2014 was a big success, 2015 was even better and 2016 has turned out the best so far, we anticipate 2017 because it can only get bigger and better for us and most especially our candidates!


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