2016 Tips For Moving Up The Career Ladder. Candidate Secures A Project Manager Role


2016 Tips For Moving Up The Career Ladder

– from a very successful candidate with a truly amazing success story worth sharing.

He has chosen to remain anonymous and as a result, his mentor, Adeshola posted his success story. Be inspired:

Success Story (but not as we know it)
I have a background in infrastructure projects having fulfilled roles as Engineer, Deployment Analyst, Deployment Manager and then Project Manager. In almost all of my roles I have been placed by a managed service company which means that the rates paid to me are not as good as those via agency so when my last contract ended in August 2015. I decided to go to the open market for the first time since 2001.

I felt my experience would carry the day and I would not have much problem getting another PM role. Unfortunately I did not get very far in the process, not even managing to get an interview. I felt that not having PRINCE2 Practitioner was counting against me.

I decided to join DBT in October 2015 to gain more experience in Digital projects which would be in line with the current trend of projects and helpful for my CV and job hunting prospects. I decided to take my PRINCE2 Practitioner exam before the year was over.



After my training I got involved in the Money Train project where I received experience with facilitating RAIDs meetings, writing the various type of reports and getting involved with BA related activities such as design and writing User Stories. I qualified for Mentorship and chose to go with Adeshola Cole as her work ethic and commitment to her mentees was nothing short of inspirational. She got me involved in new projects so that I could gain experience in writing Project briefs and Business cases and organised relevant training sessions to give mentees access to people currently in the work place.

in November I took a Post Migration Support Engineer role on a project via my existing contact to aid cash flow while studying for my exam in the hope that by the time it completed in mid January, I would get back into the job market with a certificate behind me and my DBT experience on my CV. As it happened, I got a call from a PM that I had worked with some years ago, who I had stayed in touch with. He had been approached for a PM role with the company I was with back in August but he could not take it so he recommended me instead. I forwarded my pre-DBT CV and 15 LinkedIn recommendations which I had collected after my last role. I went for an informal interview followed by a phone interview and was offered the role which I will be starting on Monday 18th

I have enjoyed the experience and exposure to several projects and wonderful supportive people at DBT. The fact that DBT applied PRINCE2 was very helpful while studying for my PRINCE Practitioner exam which I passed just before Christmas last year. I was able to gain confidence in various aspects of project management and discovered an interest in the BA side of projects. I intend to continue to engage and contribute as work permits and also give something back from the work place. my suggestion to those still waiting to secure work is to:

1. Make the most of the opportunity DBT provides and to gain real world project experience

2. Leverage your existing network of contacts, keep your LinkedIn profile up to date

3. Reach out to all the people you have worked with in the past via LinkedIn and request recommendations

4. Always give your best in very role, regardless of how much it pays or the job title

5. Don’t be discouraged by where you are now, keep learning and developing yourself

You are already a Success waiting to happen!!


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