2018 Digital Prophecy

2018 is year of serious problems & uncertainly!

Those who are prepared for the worst and planned for the best will experience success beyond their wildest imaginations.

Key drivers of 2018

  • Big data
  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Business intelligence
  • Data driven marketing
  • Cyber security

All my Digital guys are almost ready.

We kick off CRM as the final icing on the cake in January 2018 and then the money starts rolling in.

If you are among those investing in ICOs. Be warned, Many people will lose their money on cryptocurrency ICO as regulations kick in and the reality sets in.

Companies that have been around for decades but failed to digitally transform will start losing market share, revenue and will start going bankrupt.

Disruptive technology will make millions unemployed within a space of 12 months.

Project managers and business analysts with out any digital & data expertise will be made redundant or have their contracts prematurely cancelled.

PMO Analysts will start to experience a seriously scarcity in jobs as Agile methodology moves to the portfolio level.

The rise of Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Hybrid BI & BA & Data Analyst roles will be in high demand.

Digital Solutions Architects and Data Scientists will become hot cake to enterprises.

Ethereum will become a major interest to the financial sector as it continues to be preferred as a stable and secure blockchain technology however there will be a desperate need to drive the cost of mining down and this is where renewable energy most especially solar will save the day.

Brexit may not happen as people come to terms with the reality of the consequences and if it does prepare for the worst.

In the midst of all these, those who are prepared will experience wealth beyond their wildest imagination.

As the world experiences problems and uncertainties in an almost fully matured digital age and digital economy, they will turn to Digital Solutions Architects.

I have been getting ready. I will be recording a video pretty shortly for you all.

Get ready!

One piece of major advice.

What I do that makes me successful may kill you.

Run on your own track and your own race.

Many will surpass you and you will surpass many.

The drama my blessing comes with may finish you while the drama that comes with your blessing may finish me.

Wish not for another Man’s portion. Work towards your own.

In 2018 stay in your own lane, mind your own business instead of minding someone else’s.

As some will celebrate their breakthrough, smile and appreciate their success but don’t wish for it.

Remember, if you focus on flaming someone’s else’s shine by wishing for it you kill your own shine due to neglect.

He is on £850 p/day and you are wishing for it when your own shine is £2000 p/day.

Do not let anyone oppress you in 2018.

The reason you are not smiling is because you are a pregnant woman in labour.

Women in labour don’t smile, they push and push and push until they bring a new life into this world.

Now push and push and push and shut your mind to the noise around you.

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