2018 Success Stories Come Early

Just like that 2017 is almost in the past. 2018 will soon follow.

2018 has 12 chapters. You need to get your pen now. Have your success story in your head and start writing the intro now because come Jan 2018 it’s chapter 1 of your success story you are writing.
You don’t have time to procrastinate, postpone or doubt your potential.

Perfection is righting the wrongs until there are no more wrongs to right. To right the wrongs you have to do, fail, learn, do fail, learn .. repeat until there are no more wrongs to right.

As we move into 2018, let this follow you: If you don’t appreciate yourself you will depreciate.

When you focus so much on someone else’s shine, you kill yours.

Peter may have ignited his shine earlier that you but who said yours will not shine brighter.

Let your goal be to unleash your potential to the fullest. He is on £500 p/day, what if your capability is £2000 p/day

The success stories are now rolling in

A project Manager role

Hi Keji,

Hope this meets you well, I just wanted to let you know I just secured a 4 month contract working on a digital transformation and migration to 0365 project for a well known recruitment company.

Ive given a few success stories now so I wont make it long, but I do want to say to past candidates and new ones, that the DBT platform is useful even after your 1st, 2nd 3rd and fourth role, the things being taught are so relevant to the industry. Last week I attended one of the free sessions for newbies, it was around planning, and I can say that being at that meeting allowed me to answer an interesting question around planning in my interview. So thank you again!

Its an Internal communications Project Manager role

They’ll be requesting a reference today

success story

If you are willing, you are ready

Hello Keji

Please expect a reference request from my new employers for my time at DBT

Thanks a lot

It’s my 2nd since DBT

Project Manager

We continue the training today focusing on Digital Business Analysis training and work experience this week

Today: Creating a digital transformation & digital marketing business case
This Thur: Requirement engineering within SafeWagile framework & environment
This Saturday: Killer CV writing for Digital PM, BA and PMO
Next Thursday: All day interview questions and answers from DBT Alumni

Then I will be calling a number of you to go through your test results. You can also send me your test results via direct message and I can analyse it for you on the spot.

If you have not registered, please register now


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