The Right Way To Reference Requests


We will not tolerate Abuse of our platform or failure to follow protocol.

If you care enough about your new role, please use your real name AS IT IS on our eWorkexperience platform and Basecamp when giving your new employer our details for your references.

If the names do not match what we have on record, this is what we will send your new employer:

“Dear Fname,

We do not have the above named person on our records and he / she is not an employee of Digital Bananas Technology Limited.

A small number of people tend to falsify their employment details and this could be one of them.

Please refer back to the Candidate.


Digital Bananas Technology”

Make sure evidence of your work here at DBT is clearly reflected on the projects you were assigned to on Basecamp and your KPI is 100% before applying for work. Failure to do so will mean us telling the company you did not work here.

As much as we like to celebrate success stories, we will not celebrate frauds and liars.

Falsifying employment details is a criminal offence. Don’t do it and more importantly don’t use our company name to do it.

If caught, we will take legal action against you.

Team Career Insights
Team Digital Bananas Technology


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