June 2014: John Secures A BA Role With Capgemini

capgemini-logoGood day KG trust you doing great am John Mensah I finished with the March ending class from Manchester ..
Just wanted to say a Big thank you and God bless you I did an ordinary BA Course and it was difficult understanding the concepts more importantly I run away from IT roles I did get a BA contract at Barclays but during that time in March this year I decided to come to DBT then I realised I needed to start afresh my contract ended however

I spent my time studing the tutorials online diligently day and night the wire frames uml the gherkin syntax your passion and explanation I could see where they fit in requirements specificication

Now I dont run away from any role Sir am now an Agile Business Analyst I started work this Monday 16th with Capgemini in conjuction with Steria on a digital project here in Manchester …and I go in with boldness first because of the grace of God and the knowledge I receive from DBT everything you thought is happening here…

Thank you so much for pouring yourself out and may God increase you and cause you to ever progress….





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