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It is clearly obvious that our ecosystem of 2,000 strong project management and business analysis professionals, with a team of mentors who were once candidates, holding group and one2one mentoring sessions with candidates until they secure a role their idea PM or BA role is working. Last month we rolled out 31 success stories and it’s only been the 5th of April 2015 with six candidates who have already secured jobs.

One success story however stuck out and as you read you will find out that Otillia once again had a hand to play in this as a mentor. I want you to take your time to read Liz’s success story and learn from it. We are a fully comprehensive and results-driven process here that takes you from no work experience at all to a well-paid project management or business analysis professional. I want you to take a moment to read Liz’s case study and learn from her:

Hi Keji, both roles are with the Central Government. I chose the best based on experience to be gained and future prospects. I can’t be specific for security reasons but some of my Team Members in DBT know. If anyone wants to know they have to get their hands dirty too!
When I came back onboard in Jan. 2015 after a break for health reasons (my training was in Jan 2014 but I never did anything afterwards), I was determined to get a job before the end of March. I handed in my resignation at work to end on the 28th Jan. I set a timeline and took it as a personal Project with my Mentor Otillia.

I joined a Transcend Project, I was promoted from a Deputy BA to a Lead BA within a few weeks. I gave my best despite work commitments and Interview schedules. I ask joined a second ongoing CI Project as the Raids Lead and Minutes Lead. I ensured I managed these responsibilities without compromising on output.
I attended meetings and the mentoring sessions sometimes in listen mode depending on my location. It was some of these discussions that refreshed my memory during the interview.
When I felt too tired I would just play the videos randomly to refresh my memory. (Yes I paid several months for that)
When I started Mentoring Sessions with Otilia, I had specific questions that made the sessions interesting as she saw I was serious and doing research on my own too. Trust me Basecamp was my daily soap opera and newspaper replacement; the sessions and meetings my daily TV. On one occasion I logged into the wrong planning session by mistake and they kept kicking me out, I kept logging back in, they got tired and let me be and trust me it was worth the persistence.
I learnt from people that I saw were serious in DBT and I taught what I knew, that’s how I learnt most of the Planning Which is crucial to my new role. The DBT networking and telegram helped me connect with some serious minded people that motivated me to move rapidly.
Honestly people get jobs, but to get a well paying role based on just one 20mins interview without a face to face interview shows the hard work paid off and was evident in my answers.
I encourage everyone to PLEASE get your hands dirty. There is always something to do no matter your availability. I know a Team member that used to update docs at night till morn just to stay updated and learn.
Have a lovely Easter break, I know I will. I hope to hear more goodnews from my colleagues soon.

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