August 2014: Tochi Secures An ICT Transition Business Analyst Role With Kingston Council

kc2Hello Keji,

I have just secured a business analyst role with the Kingston Council and I urgently need a reference from you.

Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude to you for giving me the opportunity to make a career change to Business Analysis. It would really have been difficult without DBT. I had done the Business analysis certifications but that just provides the knowledge and no experience, while DBT gave me the opportunity to actually implement what I had learned. I would never have had the confidence to deliver at the interviews if I didn’t actually have the experience working on HMC Analytics. I initially secured a role at the University of Greenwich  and have now moved on to my second Business Analyst role. I am really grateful for your help.

Kind regards,



Let’s see what Tochi was up to at Digital Bananas Technology




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