330 Candidates Secure Project Management and Business Analyst Roles


Is Career Insights for real?

The proof is in the pudding.

Last year 2014, we helped over 200 candidates secure life changing PM & BA roles paying up to £11,000 a month and celebrated their success in style at the DBT Awards, Crown Plaza Hotel, Docklands.

This year 2015, we have helped over 330 candidates secure life changing PM and BA roles paying up to £11,000 a month and this time, celebrated their success at the glamorous and posh Hilton Hotel, Canary Wharf.

In 2016, we are going for 500 success stories.

Will you be one of them? That the only question you should be asking yourself right now.

I want you to take your time and go through the photos till the end. There is a surprise for you at the end.

The first candidates to register between now December 2015 will get a 50% discounts and 30 days of FREE elearning which includes mentoring from other successful candidates.
Each month for the rest of 2016, 5 registered candidates who really cannot afford our program and can prove it will be allowed to train and gain work experience with a view to pay when they secure their first role as we did for someone you will find out about when you go through the photos to the end.

There comes a time when asking if this is real becomes an excuse and that time is now.

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