£425 per day as a GDPR Business Analyst

GDPR Success Story

If you are not yet on GDPR train, please get on board now.

Seeing all these success stories as I predicted is now making me think I everyone should get it at a heavily discounted price just so we can get more success stories.

Be inspired! £425 per day no be joke

Just secured a Business Analyst GDPR role

Got my contract today

I’m a mentor and alumni

I tapped into Akin Odedina GDPR training and applied everything I’ve learnt at DBT

It’s reality now

£425 per day

Thank you

Here’s my full success story, I hope everyone taps into it

I joined DBT in September 2016 on the recommendation of my friend Akin Odedina, at the time I’d been involved in minute taking, anchored RAIDs meetings in Oscars and got a status report lead role as part of team Exodus 2 back then. I secured a Product Managing Executive role where I currently work and shared my mini success story at the time, I’m an alumni and also a mentor. I’m back before the end of 2017 with another success story. I’ve got a role as a Business Analyst on a GDPR project, I bought into the GDPR training done by Akin Odedina and utilised everything he taught and that I’ve learnt at DBT since September 2016 in my interview, my stakeholder management skills were probed and tugged at, i’m pleased to say at the end of play today my contract was in my inbox. I’m grateful to God, thankful to Akin for being a brother and support to me and this platform to make dreams come to reality (if you put the work in). I hope this motivates and inspires you reading this to get stuck in as it pays off, i’d like to thank everyone who’s helped from the beginning Adeshola Cole who trained me, Doye my sister from another mother, Kenneth Nwokocha who gave me my Onboarding session, Oluwabunmi Docemo your Saturday mentoring sessions came in handy. Keji…May the force be with you in all you do and thank you for this platform.


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