43 Unbelievable Success Stories in June 2018! July 2018 here we come

We recorded an amazing 43 success stories in June, and July is starting on a great note already, with four success stories in just one day! Our candidates are working hard, securing high paying jobs and we couldn’t be any more excited and proud.

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Whether, you recognise it or not, the digital age is here and it is revolutionising everything, from our daily lives, to businesses processes and careers. The skills you acquired five years ago will redundant in very years to come, leaving you with lower job prospects or none at all, considering how competitive the job market. So, how are you equipping yourself to stay relevant and in demand in this age? At Career Insights, we are preparing our candidates for the digital age, empowering them with skills and expertise that makes them a high demand in today’s job market.

Check out some of our success stories from June

She Secured an IT PMO Role!

He secured a business intelligence analyst role

Finally, I Got the Offer for a Digital Business Analyst Role!

I am now a Senior Business Systems Analyst

She secured a scrum master job, her 3rd role since joining Career Insights

She Secured a GDPR Manager Role with One of the World’s Largest Universities

Six Months on the Job as a Business Analyst and Doing Absolutely Great!


He Just Secured a permanent Role as Head of UX/UI in a Digital Technology company


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What is Holding you Back?

At this point, we ask, so what’s holding you back? You are just like any of our candidates and can achieve these feats and even more, you can do it, you can be one of us too. Keep reading these success and hopefully by the end of the last story, you will know that the time to jump on this train and kick start your digital career is now!

Let’s Keep Inspiring You

It’s His 2nd Testimonial as his Career Progresses, Thanks to Experience Gained at Career Insights

This is his 3rd Success Story as a PMO Manager

I Am Now a Business Manager

I am now a Product Manager

His 1st job was a project support role, now he’s a data and business intelligence analyst



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