January 2015: Esther Secures A Business Support Officer Role With Hackney Homes

HH-logo-550x238Hi Keji,

I would like to inform you that I secured a role as a Business Support Officer with HackneyHomes. It is not the big thing but I see it as a blessing and a stepping stone.
I joined the DBT family in February 2014 with little or no knowledge of PM or BA but have gained a lot of knowledge over the past few months.
I would keep this short and simple.
I would like to encourage everyone to keep working hard and let God direct your steps.
In DBT I learnt not just PM and BA stuff. I learnt from Keji basic life principles like learning from even movies.
I will still be active in DBT . I  must say I enjoyed my time at DBT and in I have met wonderful people too.
Thank you Keji and team.  You are Icons.
Best wishes
Esther Madu.

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