5 Best Practise Steps To Securing Your First Business Analysis Role Just Like Vijay Secured His First BA Role With Accenture & Now CACI


The key to moving up the career ladder, changing careers or switching to a highly rewarding and high paying digital project management or business analysis role has never been easier with our eWorkexperience platform.

Existing candidates continue to have their contracts renewed or secure new contracts while new candidates secure their first role 8 – 20 weeks after they complete their eWorkexperience program. If you are really serious about your career and you are considering switching to project management or business analysis within the digital space and beyond, then our eWorkexperience platform is your best option.

Here are 5 essential best practise steps to follow on our eWorkexperience platform in order to secure your first project management or business analysis role in 8-20 weeks

Step 1: Using our take your proven PM and BA personality test. Accounts for 10% towards securing your first role.

Step 2: Listen to the eWorkexperience video tutorials right after each in-class room training session. Accounts for 10% towards securing your first role.

Step 3: Get your hands dirty working on our innovative live digital projects. Get involved and collaborate on basecamp as you work on multiple projects. Network with candidates who have secured jobs. Accounts for 40% towards securing your first role.

Step 4: Use our industry standard cloud based tools and software such as jira, confluence, gliffy, smaply, and so much more as you gain practical work experience as a digital project manager or business analyst. Collaborate with experts and become an expert yourself. Accounts for 20% towards securing your first role.

Step 5: Select one of our mentors and select a mentor based on the type of role you want to apply for. Our mentors are passed candidates who have secured roles and been in the industry for a minimum of 6 months . Let your mentor guide you through your proactive contribution towards your own personal development. Accounts for 20% towards securing your first role.

Follow the steps religiously and we will be celebrating your success story in 8- 20 weeks.

2014 & 2015 DBT Awards - Rewarding Excellence

Here is today’s success story:

Vijay is on his second contract after securing his first business analyst role with Accenture. He was one of our star candidates who gave 110% to successfully deploying a number of our digital projects while gaining practical work experience as a business analyst here at Digital Bananas Technology. He won the best Business Analysts award in 2014 and Biggest contributor award in 2015 at the DBT Awards. Be inspired. If he can do it, you can.

looks like Wipro is the next company chasing me for an interview…they contacted me on LinkedIn 😊

CACI have come back with an offer

but I’m not sure if I will take it as they are low ball8ng the offer

might need some advice on negotiating salary…I did say that Capgemini and Wipro has put me forward to interviews for higher salary but that didn’t budge the salary CACI wants to offer me…so not sure if I should take it

hi Keji, got the job with CACI I will send your reference details if your are still happy to refer me 😄

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Vijay's BA Success Story

vijay ba success story

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