January 2015: Yvonne Secures A PM / BA Role With Carrot Insurance


clients-CarrotHello Keji

I trust that all is well with you, it should be cos by Gods grace–you are making things work for us on here and enabling us get the experience we need to secure mouth watering Job offers as I’v just had.

I got this call this morning saying that I have been offered a permanent position of a PM/BA to run two companies called Track Global and Carrot Insurance, the companies owned by the same directors, are already doing very well in the UK and some European countries and with their expansion they needed someone to help bring some order to their mess(the Directors words), they have no documentation whatsoever, no tools to check and monitor development stages, they have realized that they’ve been loosing a lot of money, with no documentation of what’s being created,ordered,sold or paid for!.. seeing that more demands are coming in for these high end tracking and monitoring devices, they decided it was time to get someone in to bring some orderliness to both companies…

An email followed confirming this and that I was also offered the top end of the Pay as they were so impressed from yesterday…Great Stuff…

When I saw the Job specification, I thought–this looks interesting but wasn’t sure about the PM side as I have no experience or desire for that role, but the BA tech side made me go ahead and apply, two days later I got a call asking me a bit about my skills, mind you–I had sent out my CV to a few firms that day so wasn’t sure which job the lady was on about–but I didn’t show it, lol, she said she was sending my CV over cos she thought I was a good match, ..The following day she called asking if I could attend interview the following day–Yesterday!…I said yes…then set out to study–Big time..

I had registered on the mentoring sessions you’ve just started, so , this time I focused on watching tutorials from the CI website on areas that were mentioned in the job spec like entity relationship diagram–never worked on yet, Agile and more, I got it all ! as the videos were very clear and easy to understand…
Went on YouTube for some sessions on MS Visio,

On the mentoring session you had with subscribers -2 days ago, you summarized the skills of a good PM, so, that helped…

Interview lasted 1h 30 mins…after first giving a brief history on the companies, he gave me a chance to speak, I just downloaded it all about my experience on DBT, from projects worked on, my roles, reporting structure, what the company was into…
He asked if I could set up a similar structure to monitor the development states, capture data, document stages and translate–my answer was yes yes yes, giving examples of our structure and templates used on here, he said that this was one of my edge over the others he interviewed as they didn’t have a clue….

So , I will be required to set everything up from scratch , he said to me–Just write a proposal of what you need setting up, the two directors will review-approve and it will be implements, I said that we use Confluence and Jira as our collaborative tool, they use Visio, but they will install whatever I recommend as the best tool for me to work with!!…Great stuff…

I said as a matter of being honest that I did not have years of experience on the PM side, infact–little or no experience but knew what was expected of that role..he said–not a problem!.

Thank you for these mentoring sessions Keji, last night you told us what to do in our first week of work, gathering requirements and all, finding out about the stakeholders and their roles, I asked some questions along those lines yesterday and now know what more to do when I start, which is said to be one week into February..

Lastly, I completed my training on the last saturday in May, 2014, began working on BC in June, from minutes taking to status reports lead, Raids team, end stage report, lessons learnt lead and currently technical BA lead for Margin call, other projects worked on–Ggrandbudapest, The Transporter, Phantom, Paperchase, HMC during testing, a lit on the Oleku deals ..Also went on the one month mentoring session with Timi last July, she transformed my CV and gave some advice.. I wouldn’t apply for jobs after the session as I wanted to have more hands on experience on the different development stages..

Olyne gave me some free BA documents–not long after I started, thanks Olyne..I also got some study materials from a fellow trainy towards the end of last year which helped me successfully pass my BCS foundations exam…Thanks to Adore–I admire you, Ola, Caroline and Olyne again for all your mentoring sessions, my fellow work mates on various projects , we are a family now..

God bless you MORE–KEJI !!….

Sorry guys…so much to read..

Kind Regards

Yvonne Hughes

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