6 in the bag 1 more to go and it’s only Monday 👍🏽

my career insights ework experience success story

We were gunning for 7 success stories this week and it’s only Monday and we’ve already got 6 in the bag.

It’s incredible how our candidates are taking the high paying digital jobs out there. The hard work is finally paying off. Building their digital transformation, CRM, digital marketing, data analytics and GDPR expertise and experience was the best decision we ever made. We are now beginning to reap the rewards. We have posted two of the success stories here. You can read the rest on our previous success stories and more to come in the previous and next post to come.

Got my gdpr contract extended for 3 months 😁

That totals 6 months work…(can’t believe how perm employees are missing out when you make the same thing or more in 6 months 👍)

It’s a short success story here but I started my gdpr contract gig in Nov. 2017… initial 3 months with a 1 month off to handle being first time dad. Data mapping and capturing as is and potential to be was the main tasks…the technical part involves database management activities and capturing endpoints…also keeping list of applications and article 30 activities and consent requirements…all in all the client was very happy with my work decided to extend it further. The next phase is To Be…data dictionary, consent mapping activities, building customer data hub and more 😁

my career insights ework experience success story

Hello Keji,

I am not able to join sponsor’s meeting tonight as my environment is noisy.

I got a job offer today as an IT Project coordinator with an IT consultancy firm. They were so impressed with my interview that they offered to pay me £3k more than they woukd normally pay for the same role. It also comes with car allowance. or company car, depending on my preference.

A big thanks to you for such an empowering platform.

I will give a detailed success story soon as my success story is incomplete without mentioning a few names.

Our candidates don’t have two heads. The only difference between you and them is the knowledge, understanding and wisdom (experience) we impact them with that equips them to go out there and secure high paying digital roles with earnings as high as £800 p/day.

All it takes is a decision, dedication, commitment, focus and we’ll empower you too for career success in today’s digital age.

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