Remember when I told you 2018 will be amazing for you?

Well I wasn’t lying, you just probably didn’t believe it but she did:
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First Sucess Story:

Offered Digital Project Manager role at JLR ( Jaguar Land Rover)
I would like to thank you Keji for this amazing and magical platform.
I could remember when you called me before joining in May 2017 and told me that all things are possible: A Pharmacist turned Digital Project Manager


Even my friends still can’t comprehend it.
Thanks to all the wonderful people on the platform that are now my brothers and sisters from another mother.
I would like to say everyone should have a Wole Solanke as a friend. Someone that prays and encourages you when the chips are down. Wole you are simply amazing. Thank you.

To everyone the experience here is for REAL and surely as I end ALL things are possible if you believe and do not faint.

career insights success story

We have helped over 5,000 Nigerians in diaspora break into the digital space and build financially rewarding careers, now its time to help the 200m living in Nigeria. Why not?

Today I spoke to over 2,000 young people at the Lofty Heights conference. It’s time we start empowering our youth to become the digital solutions providers in today’s global digital age.

Remember the success stories brought you here with the names covered, when you join us, you will see the names uncovered and meet them in reality. Iron sharpens iron.

Your faith has brought you here, now its time to do the works. Faith without works is dead.

You are not here by mistake but by design and in due time you will see God’s masterpiece in you.

the career insights Nigerian team at the lofty heights conference, lagos

I am not a Pastor, far from it but when I tell you that before the end of this year, you story will be amazing, it’s not because I hope it will be it’s because I know that if you apply yourself, God will bless the works of your hands. FACT!

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