7 Proven Steps To Securing A Specialist PM Or BA Role Earning Up To £550 A Day & Earning Over £5000p/mth As a Trainer / Mentor With Us

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10 years is a long time, but age is nothing but a number if you have nothing to show for it. We have been in the business of empowering people for the past 10 years and today we can proudly say that we have helped over 3,000 candidates secure life-changing project management and business analysis roles with a support ecosystem of over 2,000 strong project management and business analysis professionals.

dbt (125)Today our trainers and mentors are people who used to be like you. It’s a no brainer really. If you want to expand and scale you must help others grow. There is safety in numbers and who best to train and mentor our new candidates coming on board other than people who were once in their shoes and now where they actually want to be. They have the best road maps for our the candidates to follow. Otillia joined us last year February 2014 and secured her first project manager role with Queens Mary University in just 7 weeks. She stayed on basecamp to further improve her skills and was an invaluable member of the mentoring team. About 3 months later she took on the role of a CRM project manager with our DBT office while maintaining her newly appointed PM role at Queens Mary University. Today she is now a specialist PM as a CRM project manager working in the city earning the big bucks.

Now you would expect her to move on however she has stayed on to continue to mentor and train our candidates. Today she is one of our top paid mentors and trainers.

Here are the 7 proven steps to securing your first PM or BA role paying up to £550 a day and earning a great deal more as a mentor or trainer here at Career Insights:

  1. Get your hands dirty. Join our intensive hands-on training session for a full week or four weekends.
  2. On completing your intensive training program, join our 2,000 ecosystem of project management and business analysis professionals working within the DBT PMO office as a contributor.
  3. Take advantage of our fast track e-learning platform ( video tutorials, PM & BA personality tests, interview questions and answers app and test your knowledge app).
  4. Join the daily group mentoring sessions and work your way up to being an assistant PM or BA.
  5. Select a personal mentor from our list of mentors and work your way up to being a lead PM or BA.
  6. Type your name on basecamp 8 – 12 weeks later and it will show you all your PM / BA related roles and responsibilities based on the projects you worked on. Copy and paste it on to your CV, send it to your mentor and he/she will review your CV working with you to start applying for work.
  7. Go for job interview and secure your first role. When you do and not if you do, don’t leave basecamp. Stay one and continue to grow. Pay it forward by guiding and helping others. In no time, you become a specialist within a specific field and we take you on as a mentor / trainer. This way you are hardly ever out of work and you earn up to £550 a day moving from contract to contract.

Just check out Otillia’s new candidate who just secured a project manager role with Cambridge University:

Cambridge-LogoHello Keji, God has done it again.
Another mentee of mine, yet again has just been offered a Digital Project Manager role at Cambridge University Press this afternoon. Her name is Nelly Mhangami, project manager of CI -The exodus and she doesn’t mind her name being mentioned.

When Nelly came to me, she was concerned about her confidence and how to approach interviews again, she had gone for few interviews and didn’t get the job. Even though she had previous experience, having not worked for a long while meant she had lost all her confidence, well, that’s my forte!!
So she had this interview and sincerely wanted it, we went through the job description and I knew what they wanted from her, part of the interview process was for her to develop a presentation on the projects she had worked on, methodologies used, how she applied the methodology, project control and reporting documents and how they were used in the project stages, biggest challenges faced and how she overcame them and any other information they needed to know. We developed the slides from scratch and I coached her extensively on how to present it with confidence, anyways Keji, long story short, she got the job! She is sending you her success story meanwhile I will upload the award winning slides (lol) on basecamp to help others as well.

This is Nelly’s success story:

Good day Keji
Thank God and thank you
I am compiling it. We have been finalising the Expansion project Business case thats why l haven’t sent the success story in.

Its a 12 month contract as a Digital PM with Cambridge University Press. Career lnsights gave me back the confidence l had lost as a result of taking a 3yr break from project mgnt work. Otillia was amazing.

More details in my success story outline. God bless you more and more

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