7 Steps to Securing a Digital Project Manager Role


Digital Project Managers typically manage projects that cover the web, mobile, app, ecommerce, cross-platform builds, marketing campaigns, advertising and other related stuff. This role navigates around the business oriented goals of digital marketing and the technicalities of software development. Digital Project Managers make things happen on time and within budget, regularly liaising with the client, ensuring team members concentrate on designated tasks etc, all of which are geared towards delivering a successful digital project.

If you are considering changing your career path, looking to gain extra skills for self improvement/career growth or you’re simply a fresh graduate with interests in the digital sphere, here are seven steps that will put you on the path of securing a Digital Project Manager Role –

Becoming a project manager with eWorkexperience

Becoming a project manager with eWorkexperience

  1. Take the eWorkexperience personality test- This will help you identify which role best suits you and in which you are more likely to excel. Now don’t be discouraged if the test results shows you have lesser strength in the role you are interested in, the eWorkexperience platform is designed to groom you to achieve your career goals.
  2. Join the Hands on training sessions- Usually online or in-class. At these sessions, you learn about the framework and methodologies used to manage, monitor, control and deliver digital projects on time and within budget, as well as other essential aspects. Watch and listen to the eWorkexperience video tutorials right after each in-class room training session and make use of assessment tools. This helps you familiarize with the platform and track your development.
  3. There are a wide range of innovative live digital projects for you to work on; make the most of it. Ensure to collaborate with other candidates on basecamp as you do this. Working on projects is what gives you practical experience you need edge you need to secure a digital project management role.
  4. Use our industry standard cloud based collaborative tools and software such as Jira, Confluence, Gliffy, Balsamiq, and so much more as you gain practical work experience. Understanding and regularly using these tools hones your skills aids the application of methodologies learnt.
  5. Network with successful candidates who have secured jobs. There are over 3000 of them available to mentor you and likely help you secure a digital project management role.
  6. Select one of our mentors- Our mentors are past candidates who have secured roles and been in the industry for a minimum of 6 months, select a mentor based on the type of role you want to apply for. He or she will guide you through CV writing, job hunting techniques, interview prepping and general proactive contribution towards your own personal development.
  7. Get a certification- Acquiring at least one of the standard Project Manager certification is an added feather to your hat, that will encourage potential clients or employers to take you more seriously. The most popular ones are PMP, PgMP, PRINCE2.

These steps have a proven success rate of 70 per cent, follow them, be consistent and you will secure your digital project manager role in no time. Here are Top 10 characteristics of a digital Project Manager that will make you invaluable .

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