March 2015: £7000 a month is not bad money at all. That's £84,000 a year. Your Time Will Come As Dilli's Time Came

11006403_10153104265364043_2426365767853906061_nHas anyone ever tried or at least seen this ice cream?

I have searched everywhere for this ice cream but I just can’t find it.

Just like many have searched everywhere for an opportunity to gain practical work experience within the high paying field of project management and business analysis with no luck.

Well that is for the many who are not looking hard enough.

For those who do and finally find us like you are doing right now, this is what their success story looks like: £5000 – £7000 a month is certainly not bad after gaining practical work experience with DBT.


Afternoon Keji,

I was on career Insights training during the first week of November of 2013 and passionately got my hands dirty anchoring RAID meetings on occasions and producing reports and secured my first contract role as a Project Support Officer with Jaguar land-rover on March of 2014 (I did not make any success story out of this because I felt this did not measure up to other BA and PM/PMO roles being secured and celebrated).

Prior to coming to DBT, I knew absolutely zilch about Project Management and was amazed at how much I had learnt within a space of 5 days, as well as how much confidence and experience I had garnered afterwards thanks to you, Ayo and the mentoring team.

Having come to the end of my last contract (1 year – March 2014 – March 2015) I have landed a bigger one as a Project Coordinator with TNT (I actually got 2 offers, the other from the Ministry of Justice with the interviewers mentioning DBT in very glowing terms, but opted for TNT for proximity reasons) and just felt like sharing my 2 cents – good as those BIG roles are, some supposedly entry level positions like PSO, Project Admin etc pay from £250 – £350 a day and are well worth the while for starters.

I will write a proper success story soon with the hope of encouraging at least a person or two to start little …and grow BIG. I am starting on Monday in another city so I am engulfed with logistics at the moment as I am moving.

I would be giving your details to my new employers for referencing purposes if you don’t mind.

I would like to remain anonymous for now please but I am ever willing to proffer any help or advice to anyone presently on the programme should need be.

Many thanks and please keep up the wonderful job you are doing,



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