A personal message from Keji Giwa to all our 300,000+ fans.

In 2018 don’t count the cost, count the opportunities by deliberately looking for problems.

The opportunities are hidden in them.

Trust me on this, if you count the cost, it will cost you.

One of my mentors, an extremely wealthy man who literally came from nothing to literally a millionaire told me this.

“The reason people are poor is because they value cost and their circumstances more than the opportunities in front of them.

When it comes to get rich schemes or things that make them feel good for a while they will break their legs to find the money but when it comes to things that will add to them and increase their wealth, they find many reasons why not to invest in it.

They are more afraid of the cost of taking up an opportunity than the cost of losing the opportunity, so they make decisions based on the cost which eventually costs them the the same thing that could have saved them. “

Going to Nigeria to set up our Digital Hub cost me a great deal.

I calculated it and I found out that In the 3 yrs I started going to Nigeria i spent just over £400,000 trying to set up there.

So the question now is was it worth it?

Hopefully so far it’s seems to be paying off

Was I aware of these costs?


Did I have the money upfront?


But I knew I couldn’t make decisions based on cost. If I did, I will not only still be where I was a few years ago but most likely ran out of business.

I saw the opportunities and I remembered what my mentor said.

“Never make your decisions based on cost. That’s what poor people do. Make your decisions based on the opportunities and then find a way. “

If you look down, you go down. If you look up you have to eventually stand up.

Never play defence when it comes to moving forward. You attack with a clearly defined strategy.

Start with the end in mind.

You will have time to get tired trust me but that time is not now.

No one in the middle of the race stops to rest, they rest when they get to the finish line.

Check the dictionary, another word for tired is weak.

In less than 4 mths of launching the Nigerian Office, DBT and Career Insights is fast becoming a household brand name, we are seeing over 100 sign ups a month and we launched a new company called Digital Landlord which raised over £100k in 3 weeks to acquire our first piece of real estate and another £100k in 2 weeks time.

Everyone told me not to shut down the London office and I shut them up.


Because your vision is not for everyone to give you their piece of mind. Not everyone qualifies to advise you on a vision they don’t own.

It’s only January 2018 and we went 100% online, 64 new candidates all training online compared to 25 online and 25 in class room last year.

Its Jan 13th and already 113 sign ups for Feb 2018.

They told me: “Keji $95,000 for a small company on Salesforce pardot is madness.”

I hear you but it’s my own madness and now I see the method to that madness.

You are not mad for investing and investing and investing. Far from it. You are like the man who found a land full of gold, went and sold all he had and bought the land.

Now the land and the gold belongs to him.

You are not the guy who went and just carried as much gold as he could carry from the land only to realise that gold is now owned by the owner of the land and he has to return it. That is small minded thinking.

The key to gaining a competitive advantage is that while others are contemplating you take advantage of the opportunity.

The time will come when you will run so fast in this race if career success that when you look back you will not see your peers and they will not see you because you are too far gone.

I told you, in 2018, you will be above the top 10% in the UK, you thought I was joking.

Those in 2017 who believed me have their success stories to show for it.

Always remember that your success is my success.

My strategy has always been simple, find way to make others richer so I. get richer.

This year success stories will be amazingly shocking and unbelievable. You have already started reading them, now be part of them.

It’s day 13 on 2018 and I already have the next 6 mths planned out. I know exactly what is happening every single day and the expected results I expect.

You me need to be premeditated, 10 steps ahead of yourself so that what’s actually happening is you unwrapping a realised and fulfilled plan each day.

Iron sharpens iron. When a footman starts running with horsemen, he has no choice than to get a horse to keep up.

Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger. When I aim and set goals eg:

I don’t set goals based on my limitations, I set goals based on the opportunities in front of me and then I focus on making myself capable.

For example:

Tell yourself that you must be on £1000 a day this year?

go look for the jobs that pay £1000 a day (opportunity)

Then look for what you need to become capable and do it.

Now will you get the £1000 p/day, maybe yes maybe not but even if you don’t, at least because you have worked towards it, you may get half of it. £500 p/day.

This should be the way you think.

Your circumstances are just an illusion set by society. It’s not real my friend.

Money is attracted to those who have the capability to make it for others who want it. Simple.

The company paying £1,000 p/day is willing to pay it to someone who can help them make £100m

Football players are paid a fortune bc they make their clubs 100 times that same fortunes

Stock brokers are paid millions because they make their trading firms billions.

You pay DBT because you know the college can help you make the kind of money that will take you from zero to a loaded hero.

The moment we stop doing that is the moment we go broke.

People invested in Digital Landlord not bc they love the name but bc it can help them with their retirement plan.

When you understand that money is attracted to people who are capable of making others rich, no one will tell you to become Mr or Miss or Mrs Capable.

Read this again, think on it and write down what you must achieve by the end of 2018.

Print it out and slap it everywhere in your house. Make it your screensaver, tattoo it on your body self.

There are those who walk into a show room and buy a £50m house cash down.

I think, what kind of capability did they have to attract such wealth and I start exploring.

If he can do why not me.

No one has two heads. The only difference is what’s in that persons head that’s not in yours.

Your iPhone can do things mine can’t do only as long as I don’t know what app you are using but the moment I know, I download it and I can do the same.

This is the same way the brain works.

This is why the bible says, above all things, seek knowledge, understanding and wisdom. It is far more valuable than silver or gold.

If you don’t listen to anything else this year, print this out and read it over and over again.

2018, success must not pass you by.

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