A Really Cool Gift From Yet Another Happy Candidate

How do you become a project manager with no prior work experience?

Here is a short and simple answer:

You can’t!

Unless you gain the relevant practical work experience required, it’s practically impossible. Here at Digital Bananas Technology (DBT), we are leading the way when it comes to providing you with an established work based learning environment that gives you the opportunity to gain the practical work experience required to be an efficient project manager or business analyst working on live innovative tech projects.

Gain a competitive edge over your peers by becoming a Specialist PM or BA.

Here at DBT, you can become a specialist PM or BA in the following areas:

1. Digital transformation
2. ECM
3. CRM
4. e-Learning
5. Mobile application development
6. UX & User centred design
7. ERP
8. Digital Banking

And so much more.

With over 20 live tech projects to work on and a robust collaborative ecosystem of 2,000+ strong, you have all the support required to secure your first PM or BA role with bags of experience and expertise.

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