From Business Architect / Project Manager To Quality Engineer


Here is what you can look forward to in 2016.

1. Tonnes of Digital optimisation and digital transformation projects to work on. Fact: Digital PMs and BA will command up to £550 a day contract rates. That’s £11,000 a month. Go on JobServe to confirm this.

2. An integrated lifestyle mobile experience using collaborative tools and apps built for the agile project manager and business analysts on the move, working from home with unlimited remote access.

3. Online & available 24-7 eLearning tools such as PM & BA personality tests, hundreds on video tutorials, assessment tools and more.

4. One2One and group mentoring sessions from industry experts building you up from qualifying to apply for work to securing your first role plus access to the 2,800 strong DBT alumni.

5. Loads of success stories like the ones below with you being one of them.

Check these out:

Hi Keji,

it’s Boubacar Camara from Sénégal,a former DBT candidate.I would like to announce you that,after a 7 months contract as a Business Architect / Project Manager,I have secured today a permanent new role as a Quality Enginner, that Iam going to start next week.

Tx! I would like to request from you a certificate of employment,a letter to state that I worked at DBT.Your assistance on this, would be really appreciate it.I will send you an email.

Tx keji! Really appreciate it!

The work experience gained at DBT really set my career off.Thanks again for the opportunity.God bless!

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