A step by step guide from a successful candidate on how to secure your first PMO Analyst role paying up to £400 a day


Make sure you are relaxed and a cup of coffee at hand before you read this all inspiring success story:

In the photo is Adeshola Cole, mentor to the candidate who just secured her new role and once a candidate as well.

Good evening Keji, following my call and text message, I am pleased to share my success story. First week of June I created a Premium LinkedIn account and I applied for the role of Process Analyst/Project Support Officer. Within 2 minutes of applying I received a call and the rest is my story to tell.

As a mentee, this week was the first week I asked for Shola’s help because I knew I needed it and not wanted it. Last night I had back to back interview prep sessions with my sister and partner and Shola Cole.

Their feedback was brutally honest and constructive. Today I completed my interview at midday and was told the successful applicant would get a call by the end of the week. 3 hours later I was offered the job of Process Analyst/Project Support Officer.

I completed my journey in exactly 12 weeks because I applied the SMART objective framework to achieving my success. Just last week I read the Alchemist. It is a book I recommend to anyone who is on a path to re-defining their lives and breaking their mould to finding their Personal Legend.

Wonder Woman Shola Cole, a woman who has found her “Personal Legend ” referred me to DBT. Prior to joining DBT, I conducted my research on DBT and Almond career because I needed to know I was going to get a return on my investment and I wasn’t convinced with the way a friend of mine secured her PM role via Almond Careers.

I joined DBT on 2 April with an open mind based on Shola Cole’s personal and professional credibility. After an amazing first session with Caroline and yourself, I felt the weight of the journey I was about to embark on. My first night, I promised myself that I would attain my success story in 8 – 12 weeks.

As a new starter, CI is a daunting experience. Week 1 – fortunately with Shola’s help I was able to join CI – Empire and DigiAfric – Dispatcher. I spent the first week listening, to absorb the environment. Week 2 – I was naturally drawn to the DigiAfric – Dispatcher project because I knew the project was going to push me beyond my comfort zone and I did not pay to be comfortable.

I volunteered to take minutes and Tshilidzi Sithari the minute lead on the Dispatcher project added me to the rota. Impatient to start working, I also volunteered to complete the Issue report and was made a deputy working alongside Sharon Olawepo. At this point I wasn’t focused on watching videos but actually working on projects. At the first RAIDs meeting I attended I was confidently speaking up, however I noticed that a lot of people are ghost attendees (I wonder what their plan is? you give to receive knowledge by speaking up. Forget about being shy ).

Week 3 – 4 I acted Ibiye’s advise from my induction to create a personal development plan to map out my pathway. I did this and found out I was far off my goal. I got extremely active and documented my progress on Basecamp. I ran a report on my progress on a daily basis to asses my progress. At this point I started going through Kubler-Ross five stages of grief change model I learnt in my undergrad (HR and Business Information Systems)

Stage 1 Denial – I went through denial because CI was not what I expected. It was far beyond anything I had ever experienced.

Stage 2 Anger- -I got angry at myself for joining the program and feeling lost. I was actually angry at you because I thought I had to watch all 72 video but you referred me to the contract.

Stage 3 Bargaining- After reading the contract I started to bargain with myself and I said just finish watching all 24 PM video, Put you head down and work smart then you can qualify to be a mentee.

Stage 4 Depression – I got depressed when I saw how long some of the videos were and how long it would take to watch the videos. But I ticked all my boxes.

Stage 5 Acceptance – I accepted that I had a choice to either assess my ROI and start charging for my value by securing a job in 8 – 12 weeks or feel sorry for my -self and moan and complain. Shola advised me to keep my head down because the quiet ones always get ahead.

Week 5 – 8 – I finished watching my video, nervously I called the office and asked If I could be ticked off to move on to the mentoring stage. The joy I felt when I was given a yes was amazing. I knew I was close to my goal. I called Shola Cole and said to her I had officially earned the right to select her as my mentor. That same night, Shola sent me 12 documents for my bedtime reading.

Personally I like to work hard and earn my stripes therefore I decided to use all the resources Shola sent to me rather than ask her to spoon feed me. I was a very quiet mentee. I worked on my CV, took onboard Shola’s feedback especially on the point about applying for roles via LinkedIn.

Shola was extremely confident in me securing a job very quickly due to my academic and professional background. I also got feedback from a friend who was a PMO Analyst and is currently a BA who was equally excited about my CV (at this point I was unsure of myself). However, every time I read a success story I said to myself if they can do it, so can I. My daily mantra was secure a job in 8 – 12 weeks because I AM POSSIBLE.

I took on lead roles in research on Porter’s 5 forces and PESTLE analysis for the Dispatcher project. I applied for a BA business lead role but was appointed a deputy QA on DigiAfric – Dressence; another amazing project that pushed me.

Week 8 – 10 – My job hunt became a full time job when I wasn’t attending meetings and this time also coincided with the downtime from project presentations. I applied for a 100 jobs in total because I kept count and now I have officially completed my journey.

I would like to say thank you as you have a Gem in DBT and also for what I call the Honey trap. I would also like to say a big thank you to Shola Cole. Shola is an exceptional woman to have as a Mentor. I sincerely thank everyone on the DigiAfric Dispatcher Project; Sage Caroline Nnadi, Dolly, Iyobosa, Nobo Awudu, Judy, Ify, Bola Jacobs, Sophia, Mina Oghenovo, Adewale Odesanya, Sharon Olawepo, Doye (the energiser bunny), Caz , Marcus Thompson, DigiAfric – Dressence; Kehinde Etti, Chinazo Unachuckwu, Azeez, Olive, Roger, Stephen Shenk. And to everyone else, Obinna, Bankole, Hameed, and Jide Adeoye (who I was planning to stalk from day 1 but changed my mind).

Apologies if I missed anyone out. CI April Intensive Weekend we all know who we are. I did it so can you all. Remember the driving force for your decision to join CI. Let all of your feelings fuel your goal.

My advice to everyone is go through the 5 stages of grief and change management. It is only when your reach the acceptance stage that you can break you previous mould and create yourself. Be your own architect.

Sacrifice your personal life i.e no social life. Trust me I have only known the four corners of my kitchen for the last 12 weeks between the hours of 7pm – 12:00 to 1:00am and weekends. Start practising deferred gratification because it pays off i.e. short term sacrifice for a long term goal.

My final message to everyone is be the person you have been destiined to be. Create your Personal Legend. Be SMART on your journey, apply logic and objectivity to your journey and your success story will find you. Tolu Ajakaiye 😊.


Wow! That was lengthy but extremely invaluable advice from a successful candidate.

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