A Step By Step Guide To Securing A Business Analyst Role From A Successful BA Candidate

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This is one success story I have waited all year for. She secured her new role earlier this year but wanted to settle in before sending in her success story. Enjoy.


Candidate secures a role as a Business Analyst (BA)

As the saying goes, better late than never. I hope this inspires somebody. I would like to remain anonymous.

I joined DBT in April 2014 on recommendation of a good friend. I joined for the BA tech training & also to understand project management better. I am glad to say that on joining, I got more than I bargained for:

1. The combined BA & PM training; it is a professional advantage to have some knowledge of both disciplines.

2. The opportunity to work on interesting live digital projects building websites, mobile and web applications, marketing and business change and transformation projects using the latest tools, techniques, methodologies and templates.

Need for speed, Oleku deals, Transporter, Matix, Epic, iRobot, Transcend Campaign were a few of the projects I worked on and I appreciate each and every person I worked with on these.

3. Several knowledge expanding business analysis and project management mentoring sessions. Adore, Caroline, Olyne, Robert you are all top dogs. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

4. Amazing networking opportunities and knowledge sharing and peer support. DBT family I love you.

I did not take my training for granted; I was determined to enhance my knowledge and skills. My goal was to enhance my BA & PM skills; I was aiming to be a hybrid and was therefore prepared to embark on a longer journey at career insights in order to do that.

My journey:

I integrated myself into the DBT Eco system the way Keji advised in the training; I started by joining and observing meetings for the projects that interested me, as well as bringing myself up to speed with the projects by reading the material and deliverables that were saved in the collaborative repositories, which equipped me to start contributing to projects during meetings and completing tasks. I then moved onto applying for lead BA and PM roles when I felt that I could handle the task.

I took my roles very seriously and worked tirelessly on them. I am glad to say that this bought about great success in producing deliverables I hadn’t produced before for my projects which in turn boosted my confidence. In addition, I was nominated by the colleagues and short-listed for an award at DBTs 2014 Employee award ceremony that awarded their best professionals.

When I knew that I was equipped enough as a hybrid BA/PM I prepared by CV and joined the mentoring scheme in order to have professional support in applying for jobs.

I used the great insights shared on that platform by Keji himself, Lynne, Otillia, Timi and Vijay to prepare for interviews.

I had my CV looked at by the mentors too. Otillia, Timi, Toyin Ajayi, Vijay and Keji’s knowledge of the job market provided insights into how I should conduct my job search and how best to use my CV to get a job and strengthen my pitch.

Interview preparation:

All mentors (mentioned above; in addition to Robert Smart) spent significant time with me in preparation for my interview. I was determined to get a job offer for my first interview as it was an attractive job for me.

As part of my interview I had to prepare a presentation. Thank you to Vijay who showed me how to put professional presentations together and provided coaching on best practice of delivery. Thank you to Otillia for coaching me in how best to speak about the projects worked on at DBT also for the on-going and never-ending mentoring since she got a job. Timi, you are a leading lady who took me through a series of likely interview questions that could arise along with best practice answers and practical examples that would get me the job. All mentors re-enforcing best practice in answering interview questions. Robert also providing examples that worked.

I went for the interview and smashed it! (March 2015)

My last appraisal at work in my BA role was all good news. I was commended for my excellent work and it was noted that some of my work was being used as an example of best practice to others in my team.

I certainly have this wonderful platform and the opportunities it presented to thank for all of this. Keji, you’re a top dog; career insights does what it says on the tin; insights into starting or developing a career in business analysis and project management. I would recommend this org to beginners and experienced BAs & PMs as you are certain to be taken to the next level or your desired career.

To those that are working on projects; keep doing so with clear objectives and diligence and I look forward to reading your success stories too.

Never hesitate to up skill by learning what you need to be most effective.

I can’t end this without mentioning some names other of amazing professionals I have worked with and
been mentored by directly and indirectly – Ola Emmemerah, Tunde Ohioze, Dan, Callistus, Mary-Shelley, Josephine Apanisile, Fola & the rest of the EPIC Epic team, Ginika, Gabriel, Ben Ukoh, there are just too many names to mention. Thank you DBT family and God bless you all for being an inspiration and motivation to me at some point in tim

Kind regards
Senior Business Analyst
Digital Bananas Technology

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