Abimbola Secures A Program & Project Service Management Analyst Role With Accenture

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Accenture-Plc1Abimbola is our third candidate to secure a BA / PM related role with Accenture this month. He was at the DBT Awards last year and demonstrated exemplary skills while working on a number of our projects. We are extremely pleased to share his official success story below:

I first heard of career insights in 2013 but I was not sure of what its all about so I left it, but in March 2014 a friend who lives in London ( I live in Manchester) just called me that he has booked in for the introductory session, reluctantly I called and booked for it and that was the beginning for me, the session was so captivating, and I made up my mind to join, however i could not start the intensive session  until May. The commute from Manchester to London was demanding but I was determined to get the best out of this..

After the intensive sessions I joined a number of project meetings and worked briefly on RAIDs team for OLEKU Deals, then got a PMO role with Grand Budapest before being elevated to the Project Manager. I worked on that till Sept when I was appointed to work as the deputy Programme Manager, i got nominated for the best deputy Programme  Manager during the award night, even though I did not win I learnt a lot that glorious night, and I was really fired up to learn more and be the best I can be, so when our tenure ended in the programme office, I went back to the basics and started applying for jobs,
The second week in January I did a few phone interviews one of them with ACCENTURE and the recruiter from
accenture said he is quite impressed with my skill and advised that I should focus and see the process through with them, it wasnt until March that I heard from them for the second stage, competency based and tech skills interview. This was really gruelling and all I learnt in DBT came very handy – I passed in flying colours was the verdict. Then the long wait for the final stage began, on the 15th May I had the final session with a Senior Manager and a few days later I was offered the role of Program, Project Management and Service Analyst.

I like encourage my DBT colleagues to be patient and learn as much possible, surely success will come, God bless you Boss, i must also say big thank you to Adore, Caroline, Olyne, Foluke and especially my Grand Budapest and Programme office team, Ngozi Wakama,  Davidson, Mary-shelley all too numerous to mention. Thank you all!

Your vintage wine is on the way boss! God bless!

IMG_6912IMG_6911IMG_6910IMG_6909This is what he initially sent when he was first offered the role


Hi Keji, My name is Abimbola Adeleke, a former Deputy Programme Manager. Please permit me to share my good news with you. I have just received an exciting offer from Accenture. The role is permanent titled Program Project & Service Management Analyst. I have put your contact down as my employer reference covering the last 3 years. I hope this is okay, they aim to contact you by the 8th of June. I am so delighted as This is coming exactly 12 Months as a member of the Class of 31st May 2014. I really have a great story to tell and its all down to God and YOUR unquantifiable help. I was nominated for the best Deputy Program Manager Award last year, even though I did not win, I will forever remember that glorious night. I will email you my story and your VINTAGE WINE will be sent accordingly. MAY GOD CONTINUE BLESS YOU AB

dbt (266)Thanks a million, really appreciate all your help and support.

It’s all like a dream to me, I went through 3 interview between Jan and May, until I got the call and the offer was sent in this afternoon. I cannot to thank you enough!

They have started the onboarding process which includes collection of references and verification of passport and documents, can I just plead that we keep the news quiet until this is completed, I hope you understand. Best regards!

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