Abiodun Secures A Business Analyst Role With Accenture


You can’t be inactive on our platform and have a success story to share.

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Abiodun is a typical example of an active candidate:

“I joined DBT Manchester centre 2015, January/February to be precise. Immediately after my training, I joined Oleku, later Transcend Campaign as a project coordinator and Transcend 2 as QA. I did all all my work as advised by the mentors and the rest was history. Though it wasn’t easy but with hard work and dedication I got my first contract with Bank of Ireland last year August. Now, I have just secured a new job with Accenture. To be honest, I can see the importance of getting your hands dirty as always advised on the projects…understanding all the framework as well as attending meetings too. My sincere advice to other delegates on the projects, please continue to work hard and pray for Keji. I believe strongly we will surely get there. God bless DBT, God bless Keji. See you all at the top 👍

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