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Our projects have received national press coverage and global recognition. From GrantMyWish to Tellallmyfriends. We like to see ourselves as tech incubators specialising in using digital technology as a business enhancer in terms of monetision, increasing online conversion rates, reducing operational cost and improving throughput. Our model is quite simple, our parent company Digital Bananas Technology delivers digital solutions to clients in the UK and within the emerging market while Career Insights creates a platform for candidates to gain practical work experience in project management or business analysis on a voluntary basis after being trained by our team of digital project management and business analysis experts.


Our revolutionary eWorkexperience program takes advantage of the increasing effectiveness, low cost, availability and accessibility of eLearning along with cloud based collaborative tools available on web and mobile in order to help our candidates work on live innovative projects remotely, gaining practical work experience from the convenience of their homes as a project management or business analysis professional. Our candidates can build their expertise in the following roles: project manager, business analyst, program manager, PMO analyst, project support officer or Quality assurance manager.

Keji Giwa

Keji Giwa

Founder and CEO of  Digital Bananas Technology & Tellallmyfriends, a company he and his childhood friend Daniel Agoye, Co-Founder & CFO, started up 3 years ago.

Together, the two have pioneered the deployment of integrated lifestyle applications on web and mobile applications. You can see the press coverage here: Tapping into affordable escapism. His projects include the 2012 innovation awards finalist app – Grant My Wish, a group gifting app for iPhone and android; Tellallmyfriends – a local marketplace for friends iPhone and android app;Reeviu – an online social consumer reviews plugin; Here’s My Card – a digital business card sharing app for iOS and android and Career Insights e-Learning tools. He has over 10 years experience in taking digital products from conception to execution with key expertise in project managing and business analysis, analysing iOS and android apps, mobile and e-commerce applications. He is also a Prince 2 practitioner, skilled in Agile / Scrum methodology and a professional member of the British Computer Society. Keji Giwa is one of our key training consultants and takes pride in investing in the careers of people interested in project management and business analysis.
As a serial entrepreneur, his creative and innovative ability to work smarter rather than harder has led to the successful deployment of a number of complex projects over the past years. Keji is currently leading a team who are pioneering the deployment of an integrated lifestyle app.

With all these on his plate, where does he get the time and energy to train his candidates? Simple! His vast amount of energy, desire to help people succeed by transferring his knowledge and years of experience is what enables him to keep training people weekly and every Saturday for the past 5 years. As a result, hundreds of people have literally attained the career of their dreams.


“Dying is a fact of life, this we must accept. However what dies inside of us is unacceptable. In this, we have the power to give life. I choose to give life to what is inside of me.” – Keji Giwa.



Our Integrated Life Style App GrantMyWIsh Was Shortlisted for The 2012 Innovation Awards



Grant My Wish in the Press!
Featured in The Guardian under APPS Blog
Fed up with disappointing presents? Grant My Wish is an app that wants to help, compiling gift lists for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions. It also lets people split costs with friends, message one another, and find local deals and discounts.
PC ADVISOR: Best iPhone Apps: Five Free Christmas Apps
If you think Santa (or your friends and family) need a little help when it comes to suitable presents for you, then the Grant My Wish App could be just the thing. Select a gift experience from the 1,000 available and then invite your friends to make a financial contribution towards the gift to ensure you get what you really want. Furthermore, the app’s ‘Genie’ will even contribute between 10 to 70 percent of the gift’s cost, meaning you could get it a lot sooner than you expected.



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