Adebiyi Secures A Project Support Role With Ofgem

e9e67_OfgemLogo350_1ffb94d83bf7d2da26fd85433fAdebiyi joined us in October 2013 and wasted no time getting his hands dirty updating project reports (status reports, highlight reports, progress reports) and control documents such as the RAIDs document, budget and resource plan and the project plans for the projects he was working on.

He quickly learnt the skills required to become a project coordinator and within weeks started applying for work. He has now secured a project support role with Ofgem and we expect more good news to come.

Below are a list of his activities while gaining practical work experience with Digital Bananas Technology.



We are very proud of Adebiyi and expect that within the next six months he should be ready to take on a PMO Analyst role.sdsdssd


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