After 6 Months eWorkexperience, Guy Secures A Project Analyst Role in the City


Hi Keji,

Just found a job at Kaplan as an Accounts Analyst

I’ve added you as my most recent employer and the employer will contact you shortly

Hi Keji, My name’s Guy A. Ndombe.  I have the pleasure to announce you that I have secured a role in an educational institution based in the City for a Project Analyst role. At first

At first,  I was hesitant to sign up with DBT however after reading so many success stories, I decided to give it a go. Eventuality, I got involved in projects such BMP in House and Project Legend. I used to write reports, anchored the RAIDS meeting and took meeting minutes. This proved very vitual in my learning process. After 6 months of labour and rejections, I eventually secured my new role. I’m encouraging everyone to take advantage of this great learning platform and keep being positive.  Kind regards,

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