After losing N300m, I had to oMve to the UK & Today I have a New Story to Tell

So this morning I got this:

“Hello Keji. First let me thank you agaian for starting DBT, for all the times when rather quiting you endured hardship to birth a vision that has done much more than State Governments have done for Nigerians. I mean this with all my heart, and I will always be here to learn and give help whereever i can….

I 🙂

This evening. the same person sent this

I got offered a role in HSBC last Friday. Keji, I came to the UK about 16 months ago having lost everything. I have a high profile Construction business back home but lost all when I did a job for governement which they havent paid till dste despite loans I got from my Bank and Individuals.

When I came to the UK, I had to work long and painful hours in warehouses to survive… even until I got this role. I hardly had money to pay for any of the Special Trainings but I still found a way to stay in DBT and keep learning. Am not ashamed to put this here because there could be people like me on the platform who need to know that you can still start again…

I joined DBT in Jan 2017. After my one week training, I went straight and joined Projects and attended as much meetings as I could. I watched videos, took personal notes and attached myself to people whom I knew had what I was looking for. I tried never to miss Sponsors meetings and BA Dept Strategy meeting. I never miss any of Keji’s session and even when I did, I would ask around to get as much infomation as I could. I woked on the Dx Governance, DX FBN 2, CIP Tapify, CIP Digital Bananas etc, starting with minutes taking, I would volunteer for any task available espercially the ones people didnt want to do. I just wanted to learn and am still learning.

Let me thank these special people: Femi Adedoyin, Maranatha Ajir, Abi Elohim, Conrad Linwa, Chinny Ikwuanusi, Michelle Hoyte, Bukola Joseph, Lara Goloba, David Oyebanji, Maryam Mshelia Rooney, Helen William, Bimpe Ajala, Augusta Marioghae, my mentor Bolade Fajuyitan and a host of other great friends who at one time helped out in the process… Thank you Keji for your never tiring voice of rebuke, encouragement and direction and the constant advise to ‘Talk the talk’, it paid off during the interviews.

– — – —

Guys I cannot stress this enough, you are in the right place. You are already a success story in the making.

Hold up, stay focussed and never give up.

This guy lost N300m and God is now restoring him. Long live DBT. We are #strongertogether #nothingcanstopus #allthewayup”

This is my second success story

“Keji afternooon, second success story potentially loading I’m just awaiting the offer. I gave my first success story back in August and this contract is coming to an end. Please can you confirm your email address for reference purposes and I will be in touch soon likewise the company. Many thanks”

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