All are welcome to the DBT Kingdom. Visa FREE and a path to citizenship

In March 2018, our mandate towards a glorious 2018 is to build the Kingdom from the inside out and not the outside in by making our citizens our most valuable asset.

From the Inside out you expand to Flourish. From the Outside in you implode to perish.

10 birds at hand is better than 10,000 in the Forrest.

Birds of the same feather flock together.

Do not divide to conquer, instead segment to specialise while the ecosystem thrives.

Focus on the success of your people and the Kingdom will thrive attracting more people for a better life.

This is our 2018 is what we stand for here at Digital Bananas Technology. A thriving ecosystem of 5,000 strong.

In March 2018 we build from the inside out.

You are your brother’s keeper.

Those who are wise will see the wisdom in this and flourish beyond their wildest dreams.

Data is the new oil
Data is the new oil
Data is the new oil
Data is the new oil
Her at Digital Bananas we have oil and we are looking for more oil.

It is time to colonise other Kingdoms who have oil and know not what to do with it in order to make them part of the United Kingdom of DBT.
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Our candidates don’t have two heads. The only difference between you and them is the knowledge, understanding and wisdom (experience) we impart them with that equips them to go out there and secure high paying digital roles with earnings as high as £800 p/day.

All it takes is a decision, dedication, commitment, focus and we’ll empower you too for career success in today’s digital age.

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