All Inspiring Success Story! Life Changing Hybrid PM and BA Role Secured


Have you ever read a story that inspired you so much you just had to do something about your life.

This should be one of them:

There are some who do it in 8-12 weeks and then there those who persevere and end up with a glorious success story.

From no initial work experience, to joining our eWorkexperience platform and securing a life changing hybrid PM and BA role.


Sorry my success story is long Keji:
I’m sharing this not just to tell my story but to reach out to as many who may be going through what I went through – to those finding it tough & really need a change.

Was a long journey for me as I joined DBT, 2014. Even my referrer had long gone to secure a job outside DBT, but I hung on hoping I’ll acquire the skills & secure job soon.

Reverse was the case as I struggled moving from CI- Wall (minutes team), Ci- paper..(Mins Lead) to Handyman (Dep Raids) to Oleku (Dep Tech) cause they got closed one after the other prematurely, but yet learned the little I could.

It was 1st quarter, 2015, when I got really involved & began to apply thinking I knew a lot already, but all I ever got was ‘Sorry can’t further your application..’ or don’t even get a reply sometimes. I picked up a 2nd casual job to sustain me/family, & It became harder & couldn’t keep up with meetings/tasks in DBT. I began to see success stories pop up but was hard to believe as no one close to me ever got it, while some others share the same views. I held on & took my knowledge building to a whole new level by critically analysing, articulating & defining everything that involves achieving your dream from cvs & skills to the market out there.

Even when it was harsh & ran into dept renewing subscriptions, I held my peace focusing on the bigger picture.

Soon Ci – Referral 2 needed testers, & was unexpectedly drafted in. Didn’t know much but willing to learn – little did I know God had a plan. The project completed & the new CI – Referral 3 soon started in the 3rd quarter 2015. Already had diverse knowledge & was working hard, but with no role. Soon Dep Proj Manager was opened & was pushed to fill it. Was shocked as I never dreamt i could be in such position (honestly I doubt my capability sometimes). I didn’t want to disappoint so I learned faster than most team on the project, began to experience sleepless nights & will get warning at work for dosing off. Then the project faced the storm of scope change, halt & etc, but made it through & was steady, & BMP was birthed.

Then something huge happened suddenly. The project manager moved on to pursue his success & I was urged to be the manager. For almost 2 weeks the project was at a standstill as I wasn’t sure I could handle the big BMP program/project. Strategically I texted strong stakeholders on the management team privately to gather there thoughts & majority said lead. And this was how it started.

On the tough side (could count the number of times I slept on the bed; lived on black coffee with no milk/sugar to keep me sane/awake; had 3/4 hrs sleep daily to keep up with everything; & etc. The good side (I knew almost all about the entire project life cycle & DBT; I was knowledge base myself; new what everyone ought to do in all the various departments & even do them myself sometimes, but not to say I don’t make mistakes sometimes). At this point I thought let me find a mentor to ice my abilities, I tried one but didn’t get a response & didn’t give up, then coincidentally Keji announced Rotimi as a new mentor & fast growing then.

I said to myself, hmm, new, but you don’t know until you try. I reached out & she accepted. I learned a lot from her, she talks like it’s easy to achieve; motivates you to be a goal getter, so I imbibed her spirit & chased after my story. All I needed now was to find time to apply as I hardly find time to even breathe due to daily tight schedule, but each time I did, I get calls within 1/2 weeks.

Then i began to build skills to break through agency walls to secure interviews which was proving difficult. Then interviews began to rain on me, & was now struggling to prep for them. So I devised a strategy which was a 80% solution to crack interviews, & landed me now a new Hybrid role after few others. Please read my experience & not just the story, it will help.

Thanks Keji the great inventor, Adore & other Dirs who I encountered at some point & drilled me to get some work done correctly, Marufat & the program team for their effort & Remy my great program team person assigned to support the project, & lastly all the team I ever worked with, especially on BMP, they are all great.


This is the true definition of hard work coming before success in the dictionary.

We tell our our candidates the same thing we are about to tell you now:

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