Amaju Talks About His First Day At Work As A PMO Analyst After Completing His Intensive Training Program With Career Insights


The day started with the COO informing everyone that he had been given the opportunity to head an international company with a 50bn euros budget and he is sad to be leaving.

Then I got introduced to the various teams formally and met other BAs I would be working with. We had a brainstorming session about a problem one of the distribution centres is experiencing and we have to come up with a solution.

That took us through to lunch time and I only had 20 mins to grab a bite and then we were off to client site to meet with some stake holders.

In the stakeholders’ meeting, we had in attendance, Director of Supply Chain Distribution who’s the sponsor of the project, Director of Finance, Procurement Director, A PM, and two BAs…. I was allowed to take part so as to get a clear picture of what the Sponsor wants the project to deliver and identify the business benefits… only after signing an NDA.

That lasted 3 hours and by 4pm I was back at IT support to check if my login and id card had been sorted but not.. I will get them tomorrow.

I noticed that their central repository system is google drive and that’s what we already use at CI… Guys, plsget on top of google drive because if a company of£5Bn turnover uses google, then a lot other could be using it. They use Rally for their product backlog prioritisation (spring planning) whereas we use Jira.. They are very similar…

So guys pls get your hands dirty…

I shall continue to update you guys.. and thanks all for the well wishes. Your story is next.



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