Amanda Secures A Business Analyst Role With EuroMoney Institutional Investor


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Hi Keji,

I hope you are well?

I would just like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you for the amazing platform you have provided for people like me to learn the necessary skills to either gain a great career or run a successful business.

After joining Career Insights and the DBT platform in June 2015, I’m glad to say that I have been employed at EuroMoney Institutional Investor as a Business Analyst this February.

I would like to attest to that fact that once you apply yourself fully to the DBT learning environment, anything is possible. I say this because I was as honest as possible with my CV and in the interviews (DBT was listed a learning platform and not employment), and my recruiter confided in me that I was actually up against BA’s with 10 years’ experience or more. The knowledge I gained whilst participating in the projects I signed up to, provided me with impressive insight and confidence to do extremely well in the 4 stage interview I had with EMII, and I am very grateful for this.

I’ll have to confess that during my e-learning, I wasn’t so keen on what I “thought” were menial tasks, such as minute taking, attending JIRA and Confluence sessions or even taking up the QA roles, because in my head, there were bigger and better activities to do. But on my first day, I didn’t even see my office, I travelled to Kent with my Product Owner to meet our external developers and spent the WHOLE day in meetings, in which I was meant to take notes and learn from. Day two I was asked to set up JIRA and Confluence spaces for my team in order to start creating and storing documents. I spent the whole of day three creating workflow diagrams on Lucid Chart for Product Owners who are not even on my team, but because of my new DBT skill set that was unknowing to me discussed in the department before I had even started, I had no choice but to oblige their requests. I’ve also been sent tasks that entail project management and testing. My point here is that there no task is too small or too irrelevant. Everything within DBT is important and applicable to whichever role any of us will be applying for, and I am soooooo ecstatic that I had the chance to pick up these skills and experience and bring them with me to this role.

Thank you so much Keji!! I also want to say thank you to Ola, Oyinua, Femi and all my lovely team members I worked with on the ES – Email Marketing Strategy project, including Claire Memeh who assisted and mentored me through my interviewing process.

My plan is to remain on this platform and continue learning, as I have seen this has proved to be the most valuable tool in my career so far. I’ve also been telling everyone and anyone about CI and DBT!!!

Thanks and Good Luck to everyone at DBT!!



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