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Hi Keji,

Pleasure chatting. Let me type this before I forget!

I first joined DBT in 2012 and after the intial classroom lessons I was unable to keep up with projects + a full time job so I gave up.

2 yrs ago, my contract ended just after Brexit and I have not had a job since then.

I came back on the platform Aug 2017 and decided that I am not leaving until I get my success story. I would like to thank xxxx for breaking down the very confusing process to me in 5 min….I was sooo lost.

My first project was Digital Talents and I really got my hands dirty. Thank you Godwin for being such a great lead BA….you answered all my questions patiently. Thank you to Lola, xxxx,xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxxx xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx……I learnt so much from you guys including pidgin :joy::joy:. 
Thank you to xxxx, xxxx, xxxxx, SBA xxxxxx and the rest of the team on Search Marketing Analytics — I learnt so much there, got my hands proper dirty on the eWork 4.0 experience and made some good friends too.

Massive THANK YOU to my sisters N and xxxx — for the laughter, the tears, the phone calls, corrections, preparations, Remedy Rescue — this your hard work ladies! I could not have gotten here without you and I will forever be grateful to you….jollof + palmwine loading :joy::joy:

Big,big,BIG thank you to xxxxx for taking time out of his busy schedule….Google is indeed my friend :joy::joy::joy:.

Oga xxxxx….your popcorn is on the way :joy:! Thank you so much for your constant support and encouragement.

xxxxx xxxxx….thank you :kissing_heart::kissing_heart: Your training was very very instrumental in me securing this!

I know I have missed out a lot of people! Thank you very much to everyone I have worked with in all the projects I have been on!

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