An Encouraging Message From A Successful Candidate


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Keji Giwa will be taking the entire March 2016 session. You really don’t want to miss this.

A very encouraging message from a very successful Canditate:


Hi Keji,

This is to say thank you for such an amazing training environment you have set up called CAREERINSIGHTS. This place is impeccably detailed and result oriented in the way business analysis and project management training is delivered. I finished my training since 1/11/2013 and I started my first contract job in one of the top Telecommunication Industry in the UK by January, 2014. This was a six months’ initial contract but I have been there now for over 2 years’ continuous contracting.

Careerinsights is a place to change your future prospect and give you hope for a better future if that is what you ardently want. You always say, the more you get your hand dirty, the better you will become by gaining practical experiences and people skills that helps anyone to work and collaborate with other team members during a project. The training cannot be faulted at all because of the standard of contents and industry wide know tools to even make you standard out from the crowd.

My life has changed, my level has changed, my thinking has changed and my progress is increasing as I venture into more other stuffs now. I strongly recommend Careerinsights for anyone who wants a career change and wants more from life. Whatever a man can desire and bring himself to believe, shall surely actualise it says Napoleon Hills. You will not know what outcome you will get until you try Careerinsights: where dreams come true by working hard and taking every training as seriously as you can.

By God’s grace, I am living the dream and not just wishing for the dream to happen. If anyone want to live out their dream and do what they have always wanted in life, then I recommend to go to career insights and work harder in following everything they are taught. Then, have faith in God, because until you win, there is no need to give up.

Finally, let me say thank you to all the great team at Careerinsights and wish everyone a great time there.




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