Another DBT Candidate has just Secured a Project Support Officer Role with the NHS

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Hi Keji, please keep me anonymous. To God be the glory, I have just secured a Project Support Officer role with the NHS. I joined CI in July 2017. As soon I joined, I started to work on projects by volunteering to write minutes, create various reports and anchor meetings. In February, I started applying for jobs, but kept being unsuccessful. I got loads of interviews, that did not follow through to a job. This brought down my morale, but I pressed on, I kept applying, and I prayed fervently. I have the faith that I will secure a good job, which I just did.

I will like to thank XXX XXXX, who is a hybrid PM/BA mentor. I am very grateful to her for mentoring me. She took me through various interview techniques and tips. I will always cherish her words of encouragement, she made me have belief in myself.She is a really committed mentor and a great asset to CI.

Thank you Keji for this wonderful and groundbreaking platform. I wish I had joined immediately I finished uni. God bless you richly. Amen.


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