Another Lead GDPR BA role secured

Morning boss . Here again yet another time. Was going to be hush as it’s not my first contract since joing this fab platform in May 2015. But I had to encourage my GDPR Teams for which am product owner, under only a few weeks now. Got an offer for Lead GDPR BA contract role with a global corporation operating in over 60 countries across about 4 continents . Was actually contacted via LinkedIn did not apply directly but gave a presentation to a total of 3 senior stakeholders and before getting home that day got an offer because they knew my current employer is also big and they wanted me on Asap. I’ll send a proper SS and you’ll be contacted during vetting process I believe. Pls could this be only shared internally for obvious reasons. Thanks and God bless you everyday for all that you bring on to this platform

Am product owner for the new GDPR PROGRAM.

Am telling you it’s Jesus o

And I paid to join the GDPR 2 o just in October

It’s working on the GDPR project that gets you the job according to Modupe

Yes o. I’ve always said it. God leads you and it’s best to tap in o. Under 8 wks on returning to actually work on a GDPR program though I had trained outside CI and done exams and passed. It was really my time spent on CI that made most of the difference to be frank . I had done some data management related projects and RBAC related ones at work but the GDPR element made a difference.


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