April 2014: A Truly Inspiring Success Story Thanking Everyone At DBT


Hello Keji

Hope you good. First of all, can you please make this anonymous for now (even though some might know who I am from the way I write – LOL) but just wanted to share me story with you (slightly different from your norm PM and BA) – forgive my long essay:

So grateful and Thankful to God – Last week Friday I was offered a job but told to keep stoom. Today, I was told that it is now official on ‘black and white’ paper that Iv been offered a 3 months contract. I Start next Friday. This role contains some PM and BA role – the name is Regulatory Monitoring and Policy Adviser, which might not mean anything to you – Ha. This is in the education sector and Iv been dreaming of that role for a very long time. So I’m very ecstatically Happy (Ok! I cant spell but woooohooooooo). It might be just 3 months ‘for now‘ but it is a serious door opening for me by Gods Grace. It’s a learning, serious experience curve. I cant believe that from where I am, I have literally jumped 2 jobs ahead. Normally, you go in steps for example, project support to project coordinator to PM etc, but Iv skipped that PC and jumped to PM, if that makes sense. It’s like having a double promotion at school. Pay for me is sooo much better than what I have been on for years so I believe and trust better things are coming my way. In fact, Cant wait to go buy Jeans to replace those other amazing old Jeans.

Saying that, as it’s ‘for now‘ a 3 months contract, I am still planning on stay with DBT, to learn more so that I can get to that end place I really want, In Jesus Name. What’s that saying, “that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” – Philip 1:6.

I just want say a massive THANK you to my Bourne Identity, Wellness Media and Legacy Team – the managers and the members in those teams have been so fab and still fab cos Iv not left at all. We all work as a team and people like Ade Idowu, Tayo James, Ginika, Kemi Raji, Ugo, Tayo Richards, Valentina, Omotayo Akinwunmi, Michael Adeseun, Toyin Famuyiwa, Pereyi, Daniel, Dele, Linda Ikikiru, Philip, Olaitan and many others who I apologies I haven’t named (list is long) but might or might not know themselves, have been an inspiration and constant pushers and serious trainers.

Keji, although I am still here (might be quiet at times when I start), I want to say a Big Thanks to you and Ayo Nunu for your training and giving us the chance to gain the practical work experience which is definitely different from other training companies and is for sure making a different in my (our) life. I was scared to do the course and frightened to do the work so not to look stupid but now I dont care, as we are what??? – ‘ALWAYS LEARNING’

I pray and cant wait to read more incredible success stories IJN. We are all in this together and aiming for the same massive goal which we will get to In Jesus Might Name – AMEN.

Many Thanks

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