April 2014: Ahmed Ekundayo Yakubu Gets His Contract With BNP Paribas Extended

bnp-paribasWhen I walked into DBT back in February 2013 with my mind full of a billion and one doubts, while listening to the introductory class I realised even a novice could see the man knew what he was talking about, so I paid the fee and started. I can confidently say in retrospect, I’d happily pay triple that amount for what I got here.

Regardless of whatever you’ve heard or even experienced to date, DBT is totally worth it; depending on how you use the experience available on this platform. I believe this is a strong foundation to build a career when exploited to the full as I have been opportuned to meet willing minds to share ideas with whilst learning in an enabled environment and had a brilliant mind mentor me through the curve. The extent to which I appreciate the experience can only be underlined by the fact that I have referred 4 colleagues to the programme and intend to continue doing so.
I wish DBT continued success with future candidates as you’ve had with me and all the other guys who have come through the programme!

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Ahmed secured a role with BNP Paribas in the middle of 2013 after gaining practical work experience with Digital Bananas Technology, as a result of his outstanding performance on the job his contract has now been extended. This clearly shows that the training given at Career Insights coupled with your practical work experience at Digital Bananas Technology fosters continuity in your new career. Let’s have a look at what Ahmed was up to while at DBT:





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