April 2014: We Have Lost Another One Of Our Top Business Analysts To Tesco Bank. Congratulations Glenn. It Only Took You 12 Weeks.

45507_tesco-bankKeji thank you so very much for your help. There was no magic about it but a mixture of a great foundation, hardwork and most importantly practical work experience tipped the role in my favour. Coming to CI was the biggest factor as it gave me the knowledge and the inspiration that I needed. I got involved on projects before I had even finished my training assuming the role of RAIDs lead for the Wellness project as well as volunteering to take minutes and do ANYTHING that needed to be done. This got me on the DBT map and my PM saw my efforts and recommended me for a the tech lead on the Phoenix project. I must say the experiences on the 4 projects I have worked on has been invaluable and the interviewers were particularly interested in the tools I used such as Confluence and Jira. Thanks for the leg up Keji. Much love. Glenn

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Check out what Glenn was up to at DBT:



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