April 2015: Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role With A Global Insurance Company

Hi Keji,

Sorry for the delay. Find below.

Having been at CI for a while now and seeing all the success stories, I always asked myself – When would it be my turn to write a success story?, and my answer every time was, when I put in the effort.

I Joined CI in March 2014 after being referred by a friend who got a job as a BA, at the time I was excited at the prospect of being a PM but things changed really fast when a gentleman came to our training and gave us his experience as a BA, it was then I knew what I wanted to do.

Shortly after my one week intensive, I became involved in projects but in different capacities, sometimes passively, just watching and learning from others and then gradually became an active member.

I was involved in CI-Matrix, I was the Deputy Lead on the Transcend Tracker project, and then I went on to be the Business BA Lead. Shortly after the closure of the Transcend project, I contacted the BA department and expressed my desperation for a new role; they offered me a Deputy BA role in the Unstoppable project, which I gladly took. At this point, I was doing any and everything I possibly could to get my hands ‘muddy’… and it paid off.

With the knowledge and experience I got from DBT and some study time, I was able to get my Prince II, Agile PM and BCS (ISEB) certifications and when I felt I was ready, I started applying for jobs.

Applying for jobs was a different ball game, I sent my cv out to a number of agencies, on some occasions I got calls from them offering to put me forward for a role but it never really went much further than that. Then I decided to join the mentoring programme and got one of the mentors to help with my CV. After revamping my CV and sending it out, I started getting calls and the first telephone interview I was put forward for resulted in me getting a job (didn’t even do a face to face).

I have so many people to thank but I will avoid mentioning names so as not to leave anyone out. I really appreciate the platform Keji has setup for everyone to succeed and I understand it is what you put in you will get, what you sow you reap. I encourage everybody to continue working hard and putting in the time. I know it can be hard but the late night meetings, the tongue lashing from the sponsor’s meeting/Keji and the mentoring sessions all really help to steer you in the right direction.

Thank you Keji for giving me the opportunity, thank you to everyone who helped and supported me throughout my journey, thank you to me for putting in the time and grinding and thank God for his grace.

I wish you all the best.





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