April 2015: Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role With Greenfields Housing Association

11160568_10153174301199043_6959579882717850483_n3 Simple steps to a Career Makeover (sorry career change).

1. Make a decision to change and set a plan of action.

2. Find like-minded people with the same goals. Make sure the ecosystem is packed with those who have already achieved their goals, in the process of achieving and just starting out like you.

3. Collaborate with them in a work based learning environment to get practical work experience and when you are ready, apply yourself.

One of our candidates just followed the same steps and secured a dream business analyst role with Greenfields Housing Association. Check out her success story below.

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By the way, we didn’t give this dude in the first picture a career makeover. I think photoshop did that, but it’s kind of funny don’t you think?



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