April 2015: Candidate Secures A Programme Administrator Role With the NHS

i just want to say special thanks to you keji for the wonderful platform in DBT,and also a special thanks to Adore,Caroline for privilege of serving  in the Programme office,Ngozi Wakama,Abimbola Adeleke, Dan Asuzu, Ola,Maryshelley,Margareth,Tosin,,Ginika,Maria,all members of Bourne Identity family,Oleku deals-  Tolu titiloye,Debbie Diali ,Malambo,callistus, there are too many to mention to be honest,please in case i didn’t mention your name,please it was not intentional.i never realized how much i have learnt untill i got to the interview,anyway the rest was history,i  finally secured the role as Programme Administrator with NHS.
i hope this would be an encouragement to alot of people within DBT,just keep getting your hands dirty and don’t be scared to go into the job market especially when your hands are dirty,like Adore will say,we will see you at the top.
please keji my reference request has already been sent and i just replied to Ibi email on that.
please i like to  remain anonymous.

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