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11169825_10153208061419043_4746902179000204104_nWhen you go for a job interview as a business analyst / project management professional and they ask you to demonstrate your experience relating to a seamless CRM integration with an in-house developed native mobile payment system and paypal’s mass payment solution, what would be your answer?

How will you express yourself showing relevant experience in analysing and engineering requirements, specifying solutions as a result of thorough analysis of the app scenario in terms of use cases and user journey, the key features API features you will need for paypal and CRM integration?

11174817_10153208061389043_468495698824068059_nWould you remember to ask about compatibility issues and cost implications?. How would you establish business value, set business rules and define processes?

More importantly who are your target audience and how would they interact with the system?

Have you considered if it’s best as a native app or html5 driven mobile site with native app features?

Would you require scripted customisation for the CRM tool of choice or are there available plugins?

Have they already got a CRM of choice, be it Microsoft dynamics CRM or salesforce CRM?

These are just some of the questions only someone with practical work experience can answer and right now our candidates are preparing to deploy a mobile payment solutions that factors in all of the above.

Now ask yourself this question:

Can an inexperienced, jack of all trades business analyst / PM or a specialist business analyst / PM with expertise within this sector answer these questions to satisfaction?

Who would most likely secure the role?

It’s a no brainer really.

Now the question is want to ask yourself is can you compete with our candidates if you were among the three being interviewed for this role paying up to £550 a day (£11,000 a month)?

Why do I ask?

Because this is exactly the kind of stuff our candiates are gaining practical work experience in daily. No wonder over 20 of them secure BA and PM roles every single month.

Attached are the key screens of the mobile payment app BankMyPals which we will be officially launching in 8 weeks time.

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