August 2014: An Idea Role! Oje Secures A Business Analyst Role With The NHS

NHS LogoGood Evening Keji

I received some great news today. I have been offered a BA role with NHS England. I was a bit shocked, as I was initially told I didn’t get the role despite a very good interview. But the temporary setback was turned around today when I received confirmation regarding the role.
I’m very grateful to GOD for making the way for me. I also want to personally say a massive thank you for the opportunity to learn within your organisation. When I joined DBT I wasn’t entirely sure if I would achieve my aim. But you encouraged us (the training delegates) to get our hands dirty. I gradually took that advice, and that built up my knowledge and understanding. I then enrolled on the mentoring scheme as well, which further enforced the principle of getting involved and gaining knowledge. I followed the advice of my mentor (Timi) in addition to being involved in projects. Without that knowledge and assistance I would have been so blank during the interview. But I was able to dictate the interview, not only as a result of the mentoring, but also because of the first-hand experience of being involved in a project.
For anyone still sitting on the fence dive in and get immersed and dirty. And for all who are already involved, your goal is just round the corner. Don’t quit. I’d like to thank DBT, the COE and the P24 team for the constant help and assistance.
Once again, thank you Keji.
Kind Regards
Let’s see what Oje was up to at DBT

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