August 2014: Arnaud Secures A Business Analyst Role With O2

O2-TelefonicaHi Keji,

By God’s will, I secured myself a senior BA role with Telefonica O2. I finished my training in February earlier this year and a week later, I started working on a few DBT projects. Coming from a consultancy and project management background, I still needed structure in using a PMO framework and end to end experience in SDLC. Between my current job and DBT, I soon beefed up my BA & PM arsenal to minimise my weaknesses.

I worked on EH ISO, Bourne Identity, Project 24 and Paper chase seeking out a specific objective for each project to address my weaknesses. The plan was not to rush out and begin applying for work, but rather binding my time until I was certain l had all the odds in my favour.

And funny enough, I attended Keji’s first PM interview session on August 6th 2014 and he grilled me about agile and Jira. The following day, I received a call for an interview that I didn’t even apply to. Two days and 2 interviews later, I was handed a job on a silver platter, no funny business. I am grateful for everyone I worked with at DBT, for equally challenging me. Special thanks to the Bourne Identity team, you re-defined the words team work and commitment. To my paper chase team, we are almost there, keep it up. And to Olyne, more banter to match your willingness to always help those in need, thank you. To everyone at DBT, just keep striving, soon it will be your time to radiate.

Its official DBT is now in my top 10 sidekicks, enough said. Thanks Keji, you really are my MVP.

Best Regards



Let’s see what Arnaud was up to at DBT



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