August 2014: Funmi A Secures A Business Analyst Role With RBS

RBSGood evening Keji

I am happy to let you know I secured a contract Business Analyst role with a top bank this August.
First and foremost, I write this mainly to encourage those looking to get their first or next role.
I have had good jobs in the past but felt I was moving way quicker than my skills could catch
up with.  This was especially evident in the contract roles I found myself in in the latter part of my career.
I have done professional training and exams but found they only improved my theoretical knowledge,
not the practical skills to go with it.
A friend told me about DBT a couple of weeks after my last contract and I decided to attend the intro session.
I was impressed with the course content/structure and even more with the hands-on practical side of it.
I joined the project Trading Places when it started as, later  I took on the role of deputy
business BA lead as wanted to take on the challenge of being responsibility for leading team members and doing public speaking (an area
I struggled with) through mini training sessions, heading meetings and focus group sessions.
I decided from the onset that I would actively get involved in ‘one and only one’ project to keep my focus and follow the project through all its development stages.  Being involved in project work was tough, especially with different personal commitments outside DBT but I knew what my goal was and stuck with it.  Oh yes, I had my low periods and almost gave up at times but with the push/encouragement especially from my Business BA Lead, Ola Ogunfolaju, PM, Maduka Emeagi, and a few other team member I carried on.  In the latter part of the project I took on the role of deputy Tech BA lead.
I believe we all have it in us to do whatever we aim for.  It is up to us to, after the initial guidance, study hard, put what we’ve personally learnt to practice by getting involved in projects and putting the effort in.
I am especially thankful for the help, support and encouragement of my project team members, Keji, Ayo, various mentors and Program Office staff.
I believe all have in one way or the other had a big impact on the confidence I needed to interview with prospective employers and skills I will need in my new and future roles.
– Funmi A.
Let’s see what Funmi was up to at DBT

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